Factors That Cause Diseases

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Man is influenced by various external and internal factors which include not only the effects of our own actions but also to which we are subjected by persons/factors not related to you. In fact, personal resistance or submission to an event/factor or else a compromise with such odd happenings affects everyone according to one’s nature or temperament. All individuals cannot rather, react to an upset or problem in a uniform way.

Certain people accept realities of life in a casual manner, some take them rather seriously, whereas others can easily laugh them away. Different reactions and impacts reveal the true nature of a person, as to how, when, and where, and above all, why he reacts. Some people are not averse to suggestions, even if that is beneficial for them, and some listen patiently to what others have to say.



This variable approach can be compared to the fable of ‘Elephant and the blind persons.’ We view life and its problems from our own viewpoint unmindful of the fact that our opinion/vision could be biased or one-sided. Life is a long span of joys, problems, and trivialities which are caused by us or by those around us. We cannot have control over what others do but we can certainly have control over our actions, averments, and resultant reactions.

Man is a social animal. We cannot afford to be Robinson Crusoe or social recluse or seek divorce from our duties and responsibilities. It may be pointed out that man is a unit and when such units are combined together society emerges. So, society is made up of men, and it serves to meet the hopes and aspirations of men.

‘Man is born free but everywhere he is in chuse’ implies that freedom of man is conditioned and governed by certain rules, tenets, regulations, ethical values, moral and social bondages and, it is in the interest of man himself, not only to abide by the rules, customs and traditions of the society in which he lives and is in inseparable part thereof, but also to induce his other fellow beings to honor his obligations to society.

Our intention is not, in the least, to sermonize or teach any social science but to emphasize the point that most of our mental and physical disorders emanate from society and its rules. We are bound by the rules which we made ourselves, for our own benefits and comforts but, when the social rules lose their relevance, they must be amended or modified or replaced by better ones. A dynamic society is not like a pond, it is like a flowing river.


Cause of Disorders Relating to :

  1. Society, Family relatives Problems
  2. Professional Problems
  3. Economic and Financial problems
  4. Sexual Problems
  5. Natural upsets



unhealthy eating vs healthy eating


All the aforesaid factors are considered to be the causes of most of our mental and physical ills which, in turn, account for tension, behavioral disorders, mental agitation, schizophrenia, and other psychotic disorders in addition to physical disorders. All the aforesaid disorders would be elaborated in the light of fall-out symptoms, as stated above.