Releasing emotions effectively through Yoga

By Yoga

One of the many things that stress does to our mind is to make it numb. A state of not able to feel any emotion cannot be explained in words. There is a pile-up of suppressed emotions that the mind just cannot access and as a result, the joy of living is diminished.

It is important to release these emotions in time lest they manifest into physical and mental ailments. One of the most effective ways to navigate through tough emotions is Yoga. Over the period of time, we store difficult, traumatic experiences, uncomfortable feelings in our brain, and since many a time we do not give sufficient time to these emotions or suppress it, they start seeping in deeper and deeper into our consciousness. Soon enough, it is difficult to reach the source of them but they continue to create trouble for us. The lingering feeling of feeling frustrated, angry, helpless, under-confident, anxious, is the manifestation of the emotions that we didn’t tap into.

Suppressed or unexpressed emotions are toxic in nature and can also lead to various physical troubles like body aches, pain, blood pressure, heart-related ailments over a period of time. Stress is known to be stored in some body part or the other as during tense moments our muscles tighten and while the event may pass, the stress does not.
When you practice yoga poses or go deep inside your mind through meditation, the emotions that are buried start to get released. There are times when people feel extreme emotions like crying or laughing during their yoga sessions. It may lead someone to wonder what’s happening to them. Processing painful emotions or confronting them may seem a tedious task initially as one may feel overwhelmed by their intensity. The trick is to start slow initially and take one step at a time.

Yoga can be very effective in dealing with unresolved emotions and release them through various asanas. Matsyasana, Ananda Balasana, Savasana, can be extremely beneficial to those who want to release difficult emotions.
Making sounds like humming, Om, or chanting mantras can help in the effective release of emotions.
As one practices more regularly, bit by bit one can release the hidden stress, anxiety, and sorrows, and feel better about life than before. Some may also get a new perspective in life as they get rid of the old patterns and develop positive habits.