Achievement of Himalayan Yoga Association

By Yoga

Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, said the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu. Believing in this philosophy, Himalayan Yoga Association (HYA) has been setting its milestones and achieving them gradually.

Starting off with its first centre in the world yoga capital of Rishikesh, HYA has been setting its foot in various parts of the world to train more and more people to live life holistically and realise the true purpose of their existence.

The Yoga School in Rishikesh has established itself as a premier training centre over the last five years of its journey and is considered a landmark destination for those looking to immerse deep into yoga, meditation and philosophy. Besides offering short-term programs for beginners to evoke interest in the ancient practice, there are long-duration courses to let the learners dive deep into the discipline of yoga — an invaluable gift to the world.

Learners coming to our schools have been our brand ambassadors and solely through their word of mouth we have carved out a reputation for ourselves as the most preferred yoga teacher training school. But we have never rested on our past laurels and strived to constantly improve our service and facilities. This has helped us expand our footprint and quickly establish new centres. Bali Yoga School, Himalayan Yoga Ashram, Himalayan Yoga School, Bali Yoga Retreat, The Divine Retreat and Saraswati Yoga Ashram are among the many centres under the umbrella of HYA.

Under the guidance of Yogi Himanshu, the Himalayan Yoga Association has been spreading its wings — expanding the existing centres and opening new ones in both India and overseas.

The HYA now has branches in Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Germany and Costa Rica. Many more would come in due course of time. While doing so, it has painstakingly designed the programs and courses to ensure that yoga training is imparted in its purest form as practiced by the Great Yogis and seers.

While the journey has been quite satisfying so far, the greatest sense of accomplishment comes from seeing thousands of people benefitting from the course, transforming their life and sharing one of the most valuable gifts with others. As people from diverse fields, cultures and countries join the various courses, the HYA has constantly reimagined itself to become the numero uno yoga academy in the world.

Adding another feather to the cap, the HYA has set the ball rolling for building a mega meditation centre — Himalayan Dhyan Mandir in Rishikesh which will offer free meditation courses. Proposed to be built on the bank of the Holy Ganges, the Meditation centre would offer an array of different techniques to help seekers make their inward journey most rewarding. The required land has already been purchased and construction work would begin soon.

Led by the visionary and young yogi, Himanshu Joshi, one of the youngest yoga masters in the world, HYA is poised to reach greater heights in its pursuit to propagate the philosophy of yoga far and wide.