5 Benefits Of Doing Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

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Do you yearn for some change in your routine life or want to make your practice more consistent while adopting a healthier lifestyle? Then learn more about the benefits of the ‘yoga of awareness’- Kundalini yoga. An ancient yogic practice, this powerful source of energy can transform your life. Here’s how:

1. Kundalini Yoga – eradicating the obstructions in your energy field.

Kundalini Yoga is a miraculous science using the therapy of sound, energy,mantra, exercise and meditation to let go off disturbances from the active body, that environs the physical body.

Many individuals feel trapped in spite of having done whatever possible to shape their lives the way they desire . Kundalini Yoga is said to be a ‘technological wonder’ converting the impossible to possible via the laws of energy and quantum physics.

2 . The power of Kundalini yoga -silencing your mind.

Practicing Kundalini Yoga calms down our thoughts that give us feelings of fear and insecurity . It lets our heart and soul prosper and revel. See your breath slow down and your thoughts coming to a halt while breathing and chanting the sacred mantras of Kundalini Yoga. So whenever you feel your mind to be restless, play a relaxing sacred mantra to tune in to peaceful and positive vibes.

3. Kundalini Yoga – giving you confidence.

Kundalini Yoga lets you recognize your worth.A Kundalini Yoga session, lets you come confront your limitations self-imposed by you, which you can let go with practice. Follow the inspirational Kundalini Yoga quote from Yogi Bhajan, “keep up and you will be kept up.”.

It boosts your confidence levels from the core. This confidence emancipates from a realistic experience of being connected to the treasures of love and light .

4. Kundalini Yoga – connecting us with the divine.

Though Kundalini yoga, one habituates himself to let go of materialism and live sans any attachments. Our body, mind, and soul work towards the integration of oneness with the universe, which lets us feel connected to higher spheres. This in turn takes us back to the point where we trust ourselves and realise that our untainted essence is actually one with the spirit. Once we begin to have faith in ourselves, we get rid of attachment .

5. Kundalini Yoga – building strength and resilience.

The regular practice of Kundalini Yoga develops in us an insightful core of the life force –prana that gives us the ability to harness our strengths so that we can meet the day-to-day demands of our lives.

Exercises such as the Ego Eradicator release the energy flow via our mind and body.

To add more power to a mantra to make it effective, there are two points to remember in this regard –

  1. Seeing the mantra as though being written when you chant it
  2. Listening to it actively while chanting it .

“Hari Nam, Sat Nam



The name of God is the True Name.”


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