Why Rishikesh Is Called The Yoga Capital Of The World

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Wherever on earth we may go, whenever we think of or hear the word “yoga”, Rishikesh is what immediately fills our mind and we feel India beckoning.Not that yoga belongs only to India, it is actually a universal legacy accessible by one and many. Yet Rishikesh retains its status as the “yoga capital of the world.” It is here that yoga blossoms throughout and is the popular hub of yogis, certified instructors, yoga students, yoga teacher training schools and ashrams flooded with spirituals from all over the world who come here in their quest for wisdom and enlightenment.

The reason

Many have been pondering around for the reason that makes Rishikesh one of the most sought after destination of tourists and yogis. Undoubtedly, there are innumerable places in India and abroad such as Goa, Bali, Thailand, Cambodia and many more, however, Rishikesh is the closest when it comes to its connection with yoga and spirituality. This is also the reason why many visitors after having travelled all over the world, ultimately come back to Rishikesh for something or the other yet to fulfill.

Here are the best reasons that you may want to know for this sacred town of saints in India being the ideal choice for yoga teacher training programs and retreats:

The peaceful, positive vibes

Surrounded by the peaceful and tranquil vibes of mother nature , coupled with the beautiful backdrop of the mighty Himalayan mountains and truly blessed by the sacred Ganges running through, purity fills the air in Rishikesh. Such natural settings are ideally suited to the practice and learning of yoga and also favour meditation. Besides after having a sufficient practice of your daily asanas, pranayama and meditation, you have the option to stroll by or just sit beside the banks of the holy Ganges and thus reconcile well with nature while also connecting to the divine force that you believe in.

House of Ashrams

The availability of a wide array of ashrams glorifying the town, Rishikesh offers its keen visitors the exclusive privilege of allowing a greater insight into the yogic lifestyle, how gurus live, the simplicity and the non-materialistic world.

The bliss

The presence of divine temples in and around this town, makes the town a pious spot inviting one and all to experience the bliss that dwells in every corner. Visitors from all over the world come here to witness the Indian tradition, the various festivals and the enchanting sacred rituals practised here.

The simplicity

Simplicity and compassion is what fill the heart of the locals here in Rishikesh. In fact , yoga here is the major profession practiced. Saints and sages in orange are a common sight that fills the streets of Rishikesh, as they move around here and there. Thus you can feel the spirituality even on the streets when you stroll along around the town.

The authenticity

The town of Rishikesh has several quality and authentic yoga schools such as Himalayan Yoga Association which conducts courses on yoga teacher training internationally certified by Yoga Alliance, and also holds yoga retreats in Rishikesh.

Besides the above reasons, Rishikesh is not just a place but a whole new experience which feels like being back to your home! So pack your bags to visit your second home in Rishikesh and gain an experience of a lifetime!

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