Top 7 Yoga Poses for Beginners & Benefits

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Easy yoga poses for beginners


Earn and preserve a priceless treasure that brings you health and happiness with the practice of yoga that exercises your body and mind.

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Yoga – The myth

While many confuse yoga with religion, some have the false notion that it is a practice exclusively reserved or meant for the women folk and those with flexibility only , while some others are mistaken to believe yoga to be a subject limited to the performance of complex positions only.

Yoga – The reality

Yoga , in reality , can be said to be a universal practice applicable to one and all , irrespective of age, creed , or gender.

Best Yoga for Beginners

As a beginner or a practitioner seeking some easy-to-perform poses on yoga, here are some effective and useful yoga asanas easy enough to give your practice a great start:

Tadasana or mountain pose


This pose forms the base as far as all the standing poses are concerned. It lets you a feeling of getting to ground on your feet and sensing the earth where you stand on. Though this pose may appear to one as “just standing,” there surprisingly is much more to it! Find out how , with these simple step-by-step actions while performing this pose:

Step 1 -Standing erect on the floor ,the legs should be kept apart to some extent while hands should be kept hanging on the sides of the body.
Step 2 -The alignment of the back , waist and legs should be kept in a straight line.
Step 3 – Raising your hand in the upward direction, inhale while simultaneously and slowly lifting the body and then standing on the toes.
Step 4 – Join your hands in Anjali Mudra as you bring them near to your chest and hold on for 30 seconds.

Uttanasana (Standing-Forward Bend)

Uttanasana | Practicing the standing forward bend pose
Uttanasana | Practicing the standing forward bend pose

Step 1 – In the Tadasana position, stand straight with your hands on your hips.
Step 2 – Exhale while loosening the knees followed by raising the hands in upward direction overhead.
Step 3 – Now forward bend the torso while folding by the side of your hips and simultaneously bringing the hands down to touch them on the floor with the palms.
Step 4 – Ensure that the head rests between the shin. Remain for a minute in this position.

Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)

vrikshasana-tree pose
Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)


Step 1- Assuming the Tadasana pose, your right leg should be bended at the knee while keeping its sole placed on the left shin’s joint. Keep your left leg straight and once you get comfortable in the pose, take a deep breath.
Step 2 – With your hands raised upwards and over your head , close them together to form a ‘namaste pose’ or ‘Anjali.’
Step 3 – Keeping both your spine and head in a straight manner , fix your gaze towards an object at a distance. Now keep this pose on hold for a minute.

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)


Step 1 – Stand on the floor, keeping an erect spine, and placing the legs between three to four feet apart .
Step 2 – Next, the right foot should be moved outside so that it forms a 90-degree angle while the left foot needs to be placed at an angle of 15-degree .
Step 3 – Now inhale. Next as you exhale, your torso should be bent towards the right while keeping your waist straight.
Step 4 – Keeping the right palm in a flat position on the floor next to the feet , position your left arm in the air.
Step 5 – See to it that both the arms appear as a straight line. Remain in this position for 30 seconds. And then release. Follow by repeating on the other end.

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Forward-Facing Dog)


Step 1 – Position yourself on your fours with the knees and hips kept aligned. Place the hands a bit in front of the shoulders.
Step 2 – Inhale and then keeping the heels and knees lifted upwards, exhale in a manner as to raise the hips and tailbone.
Step 3 – Next, the legs should be pushed backward as the spine and legs are kept straight .
Step 4 – The head should be kept in between your arms. Now remain in this position for a minute.Keep your head in between the arms and stay in the pose for a minute.

Balasana (Child’s Pose)


This pose is a remarkable one both for beginners as well as practitioners belonging to all levels. Child’s pose is suitable before you go to bed in the night time or at anytime when you feel that you require that much needed mental break or a stress buster.

Here are the steps:

Step 1 – First kneel straight while keeping the feet a bit spaced out. Then bring your torso lower down while being seated on your hips.
Step 2 – Keeping your hips on your feet , the torso has to be folded forward from your hips.
Step 3  – Make sure that your forehead is touching the floor, the abdomen is resting in the middle of your thighs while placing your hands by the side of your body.
Step 4 – Keep the pose on hold for a minute or more.

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Top Benefits of Easy Yoga Poses



With several benefits to reap from the practice of yoga, here are the top 15 benefits that you can enjoy through the easy-to-perform yoga poses:

1. Massages the abdominal organs.
2. Improves digestion.
3. Strengthens, and tones, the body.
4.Enhances the functioning of the lungs and liver.
5.Relieves symptoms of menopause.
6. Aids in counteracting high blood pressure .
7.Aids in the improvement of blood circulation.
8. Lets go of dizziness ,fatigue, and body tension.
9. Crucial in stress reduction and fighting anxiety.
10. Brings relief from neck and back pain , insomnia
11. Helps to bring about mental and physical stability.
12. Develops focus and better concentration.
13. Enhances flexibility of the spine.
14.Improves balance and body posture.
15. Regulates the nervous system as well as respiratory system.

So keep practicing these easy yoga poses regularly for an energized and healthier you.