What is Yoga? Objectives and Benefits of Yoga !

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Yoga is believed as the “Immortal cultural outcome” of the ancient Indus Saraswati Valley Civilization thousands years ago before the first religion and believe were born. The first yogi or adiyogi and guru is Shiva. He shared his profound knowledge to the 7 sages (Saptarishis) in the banks of lake Kantisarovar.

The sages then spread the knowledge to all around the world like Asia, South Ameriac, Middle East, and Northern Africa. However, the fullest record of the yogic system was found in India. Yoga is present in fold traditions, Indus valley civilization, Vedic, Upanishatic heritage, Buddhist and Jain tradition., Darshanas, epic of Mahabharat and Ramayana, theistic tradition of Shaivas, vaishnavas, and tantric tradition.

Yoga is then later practiced with the guidance of guru and and the spiritual values are the in focus. It was a part of Upasana that yoga sadhana is a part of the ritual.


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During the classical phase, Patanjali compiled the sutras into a more concise form. This period is the most fertile period of yoga. This period has 2 great religious teachers in India which is Mahavir and Buddha. Mahavir Five Great Vows and the 8 fold path of Buddha are the early nature of Yoga Sadhana. In the post classical period, Hatha yoga is introduced and popularized.

Later on in the Modern period, yoga is spread out of India. Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Bhakti Yoga all flourished during this time.

Now in contemporary time, yoga is associated with health and fitness. The practice of Yoga Sadhana is consist of  Yama (restraints includes non violence, truthfulness, non processive ). Niyama (observances like self discipline , cleanliness, self study),  Asana which is what most people focus on is the psycho physical  training, Pranayama (mind control through breath), Pratyhara (withdrawal from senses), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation), samadhi (integration which is the super conscious state), Bandhas and mudras (lock and gestures which is practiced with pranayama and meditation), Shatkarma (detoxification procedures), Yuktahara (right food and input). 

As a spiritual discipline based on extremely subtle science which focus on bringing the mind and body together in a harmonious way. The practice of yoga will lead to union of the individual consciousness and the universal consciousness which is the ultimate harmonize the mind, body, human and nature.

The word Yoga is from Sanskrit word “Yuj”, means “to unite”. The experience of oneness with existence is said to be in yoga as nirvana or moksha for yogi.  It is an art and science of healthy living which consist of variety of methods and teachings that will guide us to achieve the union in existence, which creates a state of freedom . It provides both material and spiritual uplift to human beings.

As the aim of yoga is self realization, to overcome all kind of suffering in order to lead us to freedom and liberation.  Experiencing freedom in all areas of life, health and harmony will be the objective of yoga practice.

Yoga is also the inner science that teaches us various methods which can help us realize this union. It is the human values that we learn .


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