what is the importance of mantra chanting. Gayatri mantra with its meaning

By Yogagayatri godess, gayatri mantra, mantra

Mantra is a set of dining words that have the ability to bring the mind into divine level. Mantra cleans the mind of bad habits. Mantra is important because only when the mind is peaceful and clean, we can understand what is behind our body and mind.

Any kind of mantra is a powerful meditation that allows to bring the mind in a peaceful level when we experience it. Chanting mantras helps to concentrate for meditation.

The most important thing of chanting a mantra is doing it with devotion and intention. It doesn’t have any value if you don’t mean it. You have to experience it from your heart.



For instance, people do mantras as meditation to protect the mind of unwelcome distractions or emotions. It’s often used to copy with sleepiness or fears.

A mantra is a word, phase, or syllable that is repeated during meditation. The essential components are mindfulness and chanting. This is an ancient tradition with Buddhist and Indians roots in form of sacred word.

To do mantra meditation, chose your favorite mantra, repeat it, aloud or silent, find a quiet place, sit comfortable on a chair, the floor, or a pillow, take few deep breaths, clear your mind, and set up your intention mindfully.

Experience the benefits of mantras, they are instruments for your own mind that helps to have better control of your mind as well as your body. The number 24, using for timing the breath, derives from classical texts which use the Gayatri Mantra as a meter to measure the length of pranayamas; The Gayatri Mantra is made of 24 individual mantras.


Gayatri Mantri

Om bhoor bhuva swaha

Tat savitur vareneyam

Bargo devasya deemahe

Dheyo yo nah Prachodayaat



Om the divine light

Please guide our mind to the divine

So we can experience it within & around us

To live the divine life