Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra Chanting And It’s Meaning

By Yogamantra, Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra Chanting And It's Meaning

Namaste everyone kindly come up on your mats and sit very comfortably keeping the back and neck straight and whenever you feel ready begin to close your eyes very gently and bring the mind to the breathing process become aware of each inhalation and each exhalation keep the body

correctly aligned and slowly begin to deepen your breathing will begin today’s session by chanting OM three times followed by three shanti’s inhale deeply for Om


Shanti Shanti Shanti’hi

Just feel the vibrations join your palms together and rub your palms/  together keep them on your eyes very slowly while blinking and looking at your palms begin to open up your eyes start coming back with a smile and Namaste to everyone we welcome you at Himalayan Yoga Association I’m

Yogini Saumya and i’ll be conducting today’s session So today we are going to talk about another very famous Mantra which is Om Mani Padme Hum right Om Mani Padme Hum So this is a very famous Buddhist Mantra that exists right and if you would have travel to any tibetan area or gone to the hells you will be see that there are these small flags and they are like a

generally sold right and people put them on their bikes on their cars in their houses right and if you go to the hills you’ll see that they place them at an elevation right and multiple flags a place together right and in the tibetan culture it is believed that if the air is prushing past those flags right then all

the vibration of the mantra it is carried in that environment right so today we are going to learn a little bit more about this so that the next time you buy it you know exactly what it means so this Mantra is a Sanskrit Mantra which has six syllables in it right six sounds are present in this mantra right

So let’s go word by word in order to understand the complete meaning of the Mantra So Om this term is used as a word over here okey Om right and Om means what Om over here means the purifier okey so this word acts as a mirror to the impurities in your body speech and mind when you

pronounce this word you know it acts as a mirror to reflect to you how impure your body, speech and mind is right and with the consistent chanting of Om you can do the purification of the body speech and mind right so Om then we come to the term Mani right so Mani means Jwell right

now what is the meaning of this Jwell over here so jwell you know the jwell isn’t ever present somewhere right if you are walking you’ll not find jwells lay down here on there right it takes years and years for any kind of jwells to form right if you take the example of Diamond it bears intense pressure

right and takes years to come to that point where in the you know in our community it is regarded as a very valuable item you know as same if you take the example of gold you know gold is present but with so many

impurities you know it’s when the purification takes place right that is when you see that it becomes valuable so yogi is never born you know if you believe that if certain circumstances what different in your life then you would go come on the spots

So now you know your circumstances will never be ideal for you to pursue any spiritual path you make a decision for your own purification right so you will if you read the stories of the yogi’s you will see no yogi’s born they might come to the realization earlier in their life right but even they have to put in the work to reach the final goal with they are free from all their

sufferings so this term Mani it represent the procedure right it means the procedure that you have to take place right when you are doing the purification of the mind you are getting free from the defilement of the mind if somebody would be very very grateful you know if somebody would be very very you know virtuous they will show you the way you know go this

way like this way walk on this path and as you keep walking, walking, walking you will reach the destination right but no one can walk the path for you it’s like I’m feeling hungry and you eat the food right will my hunger be satisfied No right so everybody has to take work on the path they can not

just feel that okey may be somebody would give them a push or do then everything would be fine No and what kind of work it is intense the quality of their work is intense so guys it’s not always going to be easy it’s not always going to feel good but you keep putting in the work because you

know that it is leading to the purification right and not just surface level purification very deep purification is taking place when you undertake the process right then Pad

let’s come to this term okey so Padme this term means Lotus right this represents the wisdom you would have saying those DIY videos on you tube right so do it yourself right so when you see that video and then when you actually do the thing right whatever you want to create or make then you’ll

see there is some gap right the video is showing something and then when you actually make it it is like a process you are undertaking a process and to reach that final image that it shown you learn so many things right you learn the right way of doing that thing or adjusting that thing may be it just

a recipe that you are looking at right so you understand the right combination or spices or in your asana classes you know when you see your teacher do the final postures and then when you actually begin to perform and you gain some understanding out of it right

so this entire thing what is the procedure when you undertake it doing is giving you some wisdom and that wisdom is represented by the term Padme in this verse right in this Mantra right lotus also has a lot of relevance when it comes to yoga you know you will see the lotus grows in the mud right and it comes up so beautifully when you see the lotus it is so

beautiful right but where is it growing is growing in the mud So the lotus only takes what is needs from the mud right for it’s survival but apart from that atleast behind all the qualities of the mud and rises up right grows to be such a beautiful flower so in that’s same way the yogi is detached the yogi

only takes what is required to be taken from the world right and apart from that the yogi chooses to bloom right to explore their entire potential right but taking everything that is required for their survival so they never forget their roots right but they only take as much as is necessary so this is the

word Padme and Hum this is a sound again right and this represents Union Union of the procedure and the wisdom so when you do something it is by default going to give you some wisdom

So as you progress on your path and you keep doing that thing you keep building wisdom then you keep doing that thing then you keep building wisdom so when this union takes place where the procedure and the wisdom become one this is represented by the term Hum so Om Mani

Padme Hum when you chant this mantra you are reaching a place where you are undertaking a process for the purification of the body speech and mind so you are moving from an impure body, speech and mind to a pure body, speech and mind because of the union of the procedure and the

wisdom that comes along with the procedure right so we will directly go into the chanting of this Mantra right so wherever you are sit in a cross legged position keep your back and neck straight and very gently close the eyes and begin to observe your breathing make sure your back and neck

remain straight throughout the practice and slowly begin to deepen the breathing go for slow, long and deep breathes we will chant the mantra five times but before that take a mental resolution that you will not move your body until the end of the practice inhale deeply and we’ll begin the chanting

Om Mani Padme Hum

Om Mani Padme Hum

Om Mani Padme Hum

Om Mani Padme Hum

Om Mani Padme Hum

just feel the vibrations of the mantra check your body, breathe and mind to see the impact join your palms together we’ll end the session by chanting Om one time followed by three Shanti’s inhale deeply for Om


Shanti Shanti Shanti’hi rub your palms together place them on your eyes very slowly while blinking and looking at your palms begin to open up your eyes start coming back with a smile and Namaste to everyone thank you so much.

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