The life is blissful Journey

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Life “The life is blissful Journey”

Life is beautiful journey if you know what it is if not then it is ugly !!

Realization of who am I or in other words realization of the true self is life, when you know who you really are, not in forms levels but in subtle levels, in other words formless you, you begin to enjoy and appreciate every moment of this blissful journey called “Life”.

Life gives us everything that we need to live healthier & peacefully with fellow humans, life is simply all about being with whatever it flows to you, life is never about becoming greater on one another or we can also put it in this way, life is not a competition of becoming greater on one another, it is all about living together equally with one another.

Today most of us are looking for peace or life in material which itself is lifeless whereas peace is not separate from us, neither it is anything weneed to find-out outside us nor to create outside us , it is within us, it is in our true nature, once we stop our mad quest for peace, we find it within us in present moment and that peace is “Life”.

Date- 1/10/2018
Written by- Himanshu ji

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