AUM Meditation Technique & it’s Benefits

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The word ‘Aum’ is said to consist the vibration of the entire universe and hence is very powerful in nature. It is the sound of the universe. By chanting ‘Aum’ one can feel closer to the divine of creation and can feel more closely to one’s higher self. We can transcend into a more spiritual space by the sound of ‘Aum’. The different syllables of the word ‘Aum’ create vibrations in the different parts of the body. The three syllables in ‘Aum’ are A, U and M. These syllables stimulate various chakras starting from the root chakra all the way up to the crown chakra hence, helping with kundalini activation by repetitively chanting ‘Aum’. Its benefits includes improved blood circulation, aiding the digestive system, helping the function of the heart, developing intuition and creativity, increases energy levels and helps in being more centered and grounded.

To perform this meditation we can sit in a comfortable position and start by chanting Gayatri mantra to bring our awareness to the present moment and energize our self by doing so. Make sure your spine is straightened and you can assume any mudra which you prefer. The meditation happens by chanting ‘Aum’ repetitively and by breathing rhythmically along with the chanting. The vibrations of the ‘Aum’ help in bringing our attention to the sound and thus this kind of meditation is preferable for someone who is a beginner or intermediate practitioner as this is an active type of meditation.

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