Importance of Ayurveda By Yogini Durgesh Ji

By YogaAyurveda, Importance of Ayurveda By Yogini Durgesh Ji

Welcome to the Ayurveda class let’s start session with the chanting three time Om along with shanti close your eyes correct your alignment keep your back neck straight, aligned, relaxed and take a deep for long, slow inhalation deep for long slow exhalation inhale for the Om
Shanti Shanti Shanti’hi

Feel the vibration and sensation join your both palm rub your palm place on your eyes feel the warmness very slowly while blinking looking at your palm gently open up your eyes with a great smile and say Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti to all

So today we gonna talked about the importance of the healthy and long life according to the ayurveda and what ayurveda actually the ayurvedic text which is ashtanga hridayam I’ll use the reference of that book which is written by the Swami Vagbhata Ji and he did the actual research on the ayurveda and then he wrote it down that book so ashtanga

hridayam the very first chapter talked about the importance and major principle of the ayurveda they are four i talked about in the previous session that how the principle of the ayurveda right we discuss about already maintaining the health right and preserving the health and finding the cure but why we required to doing it and why it is

important in today in modern world as well okey so let’s start answering these question these are the very common question so there are four purpose of the human being according to the may be you have your own purpose somebody want to climb or want to climb the mountain do the trekking some people want to travel the world some just

want to experience varieties of the food or some just want to get married having kids these these or great musician whatever you know goals you have set some want to do business, some wanted to do you know attain the fame, name we have so many desires right So ayurveda also talks about the goals and for that you required the long and

healthy life so what are the major goals of the human being he basically comprises he divided into the 4 category so whatever goal you are having whatever purpose you have decided it’s gonna fall into this categories which have wrote it down on the white board the very first purpose of the human being is Artha the pronunciation is Artha Artha

means to earn to earn the money earn the money is very basic requirement for the human being right everybody around you they are doing day to day activity doing the job 8 to 9 hours job to earn the money right but can you imagine if you are sick you are unhealthy you having the diseases can you earn the money can you you know earn the

bread and butter for your family even today in modern world if you applying in any organization before that you have to submit the health certificate they take you have to go to the the check up the health check up if you get the fitness certificate then they gonna you are capable to join that organization it could be any organization so even in

today even if you sick even physically, mentally you are unfit for walking and you become the burden so you required the health and why long because 20 years you are polishing your skill after 20 years or 18 years then you can do any work you can apply in any organization even polishing your skill you required the time so you required long

lifespan you wanted to be a doctor engineer whatever you required the time to polishing your skills, your talent or you musician or you painter whatever you want to follow whatever profession you love to do you gonna pursu you required time time means long life you required long lifespan and with the health so two things you required it doesn’t

mean you just getting the long life and then long people have the long lif but lying on the bed they become burden on everywhere on the society on the nation on family even family is also going through the pain suffering take care in you daily spending the money on you so long and healthy life you required to earn the money then second is

Dharma Dharma and Artha is connected Dharma means duity, rightful duty Dharma, literal meaning duty here fulfilling your duit doing the right action what do you mean by the right action like being a teacher, my duty to teach you guide you but i miss start and miss guiding you make you convert you something else religious belief like oh you

have to be Hindu you have to follow these kind of belief and create the chaos in the society many other religion the you know there is a dispute between the difference culture why because some people up you know converting the religious belief into the act of the terrorism because i’m believing this other people are not believing I’m

spreading the history So it’s very much important rightful duty your leader fulfill your duty you have to protect your nation you have to protect your country, masses you are king you have the higher responsibility you are soldier, you have the fight you are doctor, save the life whatever profession you are doing you have to, your father, your

mother take caring your home take caring the children you are student being a student you have certain responsibility listen your guru implement the teaching of the guru on yourself So the duty which is you are already doing you have to fulfilled do right way just take the example a doctor a doctor profession is very you know very great

profession very payest profession we consider the doctor like a god specially in India we worship them because they save the life but there is a many doctors those who are corrupt start selling the organs of the patient they just conceding you the number and then selling your organs your kidney, your liver and through that they are earning the

money it means that money that money what you think will bring the happiness, No it will bring the Sadness unhappiness to that person who is earning that doctor is sick isn’t it? he is a sick person he is mentally sick that’s why he selling the organs of the other people not considering the life creating the chaos in the society people are now

insecure they are afraid from going visiting to the doctor now in covid situation, have you seen ? even in the covid situation the pharmaceutical companies turn into like a biggest business platform like people are just they just want to earn more more money doesn’t matter you are dying or what so this is this is The Adharma wrong action which

you are doing and by doing the wrong action not fulfilling your duity whatever money you’re earning Artha if you are earning the Artha which is not right way you are earning then that will bring sadness to you to your family to your surrounding to the whole country, to the nation and this is the biggest example in this pandemic whole country

whole nation whole world is suffering so Artha and Dharma so rightful duty rightful duty if your so being a soldier whatever earning you are getting being a teacher whatever school is paying to me and i’m guiding you i’m not miss guiding you guiding you then i m fulfilling my duty that money bring happiness to me and bring the

happiness to my surrounding and to my family as well and i’m able to maintain the peace so you have to earn the money but rightfully then third is Kama this is the favourite one maybe you don’t want to earn the money and not very like believing in the dharma and adharma but you want to fulfill your duties right you want to fulfill your

desire even practicing the dharma 80% can not practice if i got any problem I’m not able to teach you right guide you I’m sick so for dharma i have to get the long life and healthy life at even the third one Kama fulfilling my desire and if you want to fulfill your desire trekking travelling cooking get married having kids, whatever be a business man

successful woman musician engineer, doctor whatever desire you are having it to fulfillment enjoying your palace you’re having the luxury car enjoying the riding that required what healthy life healthy and long life you just born yesterday and you die tomorrow the baby just born in,and he die very healthy baby he die how that baby

gonna enjoy the luxury, which they his parents and her parents gonna provide he born in the rich family but he die tomorrow is not able to enjoy his life so you required the long and healthy life very healthy life he is having but long life okey you get the long life but you are sick you born with the diabetic inherent diabetic now you can not enjoy the

delicious food you can buy, your family can buy for you but can you enjoy the sweets the varieties of the sweets now you can not so you required both long and healthy life fulfillment how you are gonna trek how you are gonna climb the mountain if you get the shortness of the breathe you are suffering from asthma how you gonna enjoy, you out

of breathe what you gonna enjoy you get indigestion, cold, infection how you gonna enjoy the luxury around you so ayurveda talks about if you wanted to be a bhogi great bhogi a bhogi is a person who is seeking the pleasure running after the pleasure if you wanted that still you required healthy healthy and long life last but not least Moksha

the ultimate goal of the human being you born because to attain the moksha the liberation the freedom ultimate goal but now modern times we talked about the freedom of what freedom of wearing the clothes freedom of smoking and drinking girls are fighting like we get when boys are doing we have to smoke and drink why you

commenting on that that is a freedom you looking for it but or getting choosing the right partner that is a freedom No, we are talking about the freedom from all kind of suffering all kind of pain, emotional social physiological psychological pain burden all kind of pain and suffering on the boundation we have the boundation social pressure

on you you have to dress up like that you have to look like that you have to look beautiful you know girls are investing so much time to dress up okey that is a what constant feel that what happen if i get small wrinkle cost in fear freedom of from that freedom of getting into the marriage freedom of having the kids the stereotype which

impose by the society on you freedom from that freedom from the toxin love freedom from the journal you know the boundations emotional level boundation where you depending on emotionally to the other on other person like somebody is gone in your life you get into the depression when you face the breakup you just want to die you are

dependent you your happiness is dependent momentary freedom from that momentary happiness freedom from the dependency of the happiness Moksha is take you towards the independent happiness which give you make you and train you how to live your life which is life completely free an independent so this ayurveda gonna teach you how you

can be an independent any person come to you and behave badly your happiness is not gone because your happiness is now independent your peace is not taken by somebody else because you preserve your peace you haven’t given the key of your happiness to the other person to your parents, to your society to your love beings to your friend or to the

strangers you are not affected by their behavior pattern their attitudes because they go through the many up and downs but they are affecting you that have to be stop so that independent happiness which is not gone by the other people behavior how they are behaving to you but you secure your happiness and then you attain the bliss ultimate

bliss forever you are happy now forever you remain happy so moksha ultimate goal for attaining that goal you required long and healthy life a short lifespan you can not attain the moksha and a sick person can not practice the yog can not practice can not even think about doing the meditation if you are sick you want to come out from the pain if

just by giving you one small example if some you know thoroughness stuck to your feet, your soul a pain constant pain is coming to your body your whole mind would be there you want to remove the stone first so any problem special physiological level if you are sick have at-least through the practice of the ayurveda you can maintain your health

and you are ready for the yoga you can further practice the yoga yoga for the higher goal ayurveda is a preparation maintaining your health so you can later on attain the moksha and the bliss or the peace whatever you want so this is all about the major purpose of the human being all whatever desire you having they gonna fall into these

category so four purpose of the human being and coming session we gonna talk about the Tridosha and the Agni so till now we gonna end the session with the three time Om and Shanti so come into the sitting posture keep your palm on the knee gently close your eyes, relax yourself go into your asana take a deep for long, slow inhalation and exhalation now inhale for the Om take a deep breathe
Shanti Shanti Shanti’hi

Feel the vibration and sensation join your both palm rub your palm place on your eyes very slowly, while blinking looking at your palm gently open up your eyes with a great smile and say Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti bless you guys meet you in the next session bye bye take care.

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