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The Sanskrit word ‘Mudra’ means gesture. Mudras are based on the principles of Ayurveda and are healing in nature. Mudras used along with yogic breathing and yoga can enliven the flow of ‘Prana’. In Ayurveda, diseases are caused by imbalances in the body with regards to one or more of the five elements of nature which are fire, water, earth, air and ether. Our five fingers are considered to be having the characteristics of these five elements and acts as the electrical circuits which adjust the flow of these five elements in our body. Each element serves a different purpose in our bodies and hence balancing them is crucial for maintaining a healthy body. Mudras are said to have connections with the patterns in our brain and through that we can control the unconscious reflexes in our brain. By controlling the reflexes in our brain we can in turn control our organs, glands, veins and tendons.

To practice yoga mudras one can sit in a cross-legged position in a lotus pose (padmasana) or vajrasana. It can also be performed while sitting straight on a chair or along with other yoga poses. Ujjayi breathing can be performed while holding mudras.

Chin Mudra 


Chin Mudra-Himalayan Yoga Association
                        Chin Mudra-Himalayan Yoga Association

Chin mudra is performed while holding the tip of thumb and forefinger together in a ring shape and the other fingers are folded in the palm like you do when holding a fist. The arms are placed on the thighs with palms facing upwards and taking ujjayi breaths slowly. As you perform this mudra it is important to observe the effect of it with eyes closed and by focusing on the flow of the breathing and feeling the energy flowing through the fingers towards your body. The benefits of this simple chin mudras are quite a few. Chin mudra can help improve the flow of energy and digestion in our bodies. It also helps relieve stress and tension as well as helps with insomnia. It relaxes the mind and reduces mood swings which then helps in increasing focus and concentration. 

Yoni Mudra    

Yoni mudra is performed by sitting cross-legged with a straight spine in a lotus pose (padmasana) or in vajrasana. You can also sit in a chair if that feels comfortable to you. Bring palms together with thumbs touching each other and pointing towards the sky. Now touch the tips of the index fingers together and keep the index fingers straight. While curl the little, ring and middle fingers so that the back of the fingers are touching each other. Do some breathing while holding this position and feel the energy circulate through your body. Yoni mudra is a representation of the female reproductive organs and it invokes the female creative power that gives birth to a new life in her womb. Practicing this mudra is considered good for both men and women. Its benefits includes removing tiredness and stress and can calm your mind before sitting in meditation. It also helps in regulating hormonal imbalance in women. Imbalances caused by any of the five elements can be cured with this mudra as it involves all five fingers to form yoni mudra.

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