Why do we fail to control our-self ?

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Due to many thoughts patterns that confuses us to be (Self-determined), We forget all the promises we do with our-self, we start identifying our-self with thoughts therefore we start reacting according to the thoughts, If thought says you are an intelligent person one starts feeling a very intelligent person, if next thought says you are bad person one starts feeling bad therefore after too much struggle one completely breaks down and stop living the life.

How some thoughts become numerous thoughts, due to no mental one pointedness therefore all energy is distributed in many branches.

This general problem has become major or the main problem to today’s human life even very well educated, very wealthy and healthy people are unable to live the life.

Life is completely waste if it is not being lived as one wants to live, it can be understood only when there is peace in the mind.

nothing will become everything with peaceful state of mind and everything will become nothing will non-peaceful state of mind.

Conclusion- Daily meditation practice specially (self-inquiry meditation) can bring peace of mind which will open a new door to feel the life within you ?.

Written by- Himanshu joshi
Date- 10/11/2017

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