Chakras in the Human body

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Chakras in the Human Body.

The Sanskrit word ‘Chakra’ means wheel or disk. Chakras are certain energetic focal points in our body which stores the energy associated with our memories, feelings, thoughts, experiences and actions. There are seven chakras along the spinal column starting from the base of it till the top of our forehead. These are energy disks which cannot be seen by the eye but can be felt by our inner-eye or intuition. The chakras correspond to nerve centres in our body. Starting from the base of the spine and moving upwards the seven chakras are as follows:

1     Muladhara or Root chakra – This is the first chakra and it is associated with stability, security and our basic needs. The lower three vertebrae of our spine, the bladder and the colon is a part of this chakra. When this chakra is balanced our basic needs are met and we feel safe and fearless.

2     Svadhistana or Sacral chakra – This chakra is associated with our sexuality and creativity. Its location in our body is in between the pubic bone and navel. When this chakra is balanced we feel we can creatively express ourselves clearly.

3     Manipura or Solar Plexus chakra – This chakra is associated with our strength, ability to handle challenges and this is from where we derive our power from. Its location is in the centre of our abdomen and above the navel. When this chakra is imbalanced we experience fatigue, digestive problems, and problems relating to gut and pancreas as well as fear of rejection as we don’t feel we are in power or strong.

4      Anahata or Heart chakra – This chakra is associated with our emotions and is the chakra of love and connection. This chakra is located above the belly and close to where our heart is. This is the centre most chakra, the chakra above it are associated with matter while the chakras below it are associated with spirit and this chakra serves as a connection between the matter and the spirit. When this chakra is imbalanced we tend to hold back our emotions or we tend to over express and over-love. The physical ailments with the imbalance of this chakra are issues related to heart and respiratory system.

5.     Vishuddha or Throat chakra – This chakra is located in our throat and it governs voice and communication so we can express our highest truth with the help of words. It is associated with neck, thyroid, parathyroid, jaws, mouth and tongue. When this chakra is imbalanced we feel unable to express our truth with words and sense a blockage with regards to our communication with others due to that. We feel out of control and might also observe physical symptoms like sore throat, issues with the thyroid, ear infections, and neck and shoulder pains.

6.     Ajna or Third-eye chakra – Third-eye chakra is located in the middle of the eyebrows and centre of the forehead. The third-eye chakra is what gives us intuitive capabilities. When this chakra is imbalanced we tend to ignore our intuition and can get stubborn and moody. The physical symptoms of this imbalance might include headaches, sinus issues, blurred vision and eye strain.

7.     Samsara or Crown chakra – This chakra is located on top of our head where a crown is placed. This is the chakra of spiritual enlightenment and is our connection with our higher self and the divine. When crown chakra is blocked our thoughts can become rigid, one can also suffer from analysis paralysis and fear of being alone gets activated.


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