Best Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh

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Learning yoga and meditation in an ashram is truly a blissful experience. The serene and tranquil surroundings of the ashram help a seeker gain optimum benefits. In the middle of the mountains covered with a variety of green trees, plants, and grass, the Himalayan Yoga Association (Ashram) offers all it takes to start the transcendental journey.

Away from the jostling crowd of the city, the location of the ashram in Ghattu Ghat along an incessantly flowing river is just perfect. No wonder, the ashram has been hailed among the best few in Rishikesh.

Once into the quiet campus of it, the seekers and students yearn to keep themselves immersed in the yogic life for eternity. It feels no less heavenly and incredible watching nature in its purest form and absorbing the sight and sceneries in the memory bank.

The ashram life follows nature in maintaining its routine — waking up in the Brahma muhurta and signing off the day as the sunsets. Life is in complete harmony and there is no conflict with nature. Days in the ashram pass like flowing with the river and blowing with the wind.

Within days, the disturbances and agitation settle, and one is ready to take the path of transformation. The outlook soon turns inward and self-inquiry begins. The ashram ensures positive changes start happening at multiple levels and seekers feel the long-lasting as well as life-changing benefits.

It is but natural that one wants to stay longer in the ashram. Himalayan Yoga Association welcomes you in the most ideal abode to help you realize your true purpose in life.