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Allow yourself a reason to celebrate the season by joining a unique journey of peace, harmony and self discovery through the ancient yet amazing art of ‘yoga’ . To propel your chosen journey and the journey of many like-minded individuals just like you, a yoga school in Rishikesh is just the perfect medium. And what more could be better if an all-in-one yoga school in Rishikesh designed to cater to your aims and aspirations in the yogic field with all residential facilities included to create a fulfilling and enriching program package stands just a click away from you! So get geared and travel to Rishikesh, for here is where your divine yogic journey begins and this ‘yoga capital of the world’ awaits your visit for a life changing episode ahead.

Why travel to Rishikesh for yoga

If you are still looking for fair reasons to back your decision to travel to Rishikesh and not other parts of the world for yoga, here is some interesting information to lure you to this sacred town in India.

– Simplicity. The petite town of Rishikesh is humble and very simple in terms of lifestyle, daily routine and location. Here lies a reason for you to break away from the chaotic and hectic urban life while accessing a more calm, tranquil and healthy environment as you get closer to nature and spiritual bonding by stepping foot onto the holy soil of this sacred zone that fosters the learning and practice of yoga.

-Yogic history. Being the birthplace of yoga, the origin and evolution of yoga is said to have manifested from Rishikesh. As stated by History, many saints and spirituals have meditated by the banks of the Holy Ganges in the quest for enlightenment and finding the Divine. To fill your heart and soul with divinity, the ‘Ganga Arti’ is one of the popular local events you should not miss during your visit.

-Renowned yoga education centers. Indeed it is in Rishikesh, that you will find competitive yoga education providers aimed to meet your yogic education needs and aspirations and the courses being facilitated by highly competitive yoga educators who have gained the authentic yogic knowledge both in terms of theory and practice. To ensure and direct your yogic journey towards the right track and with a fruitful outcome, Himalayan Yoga Association, is where to begin. With years of experience and expertise in the yogic arena, and under the dynamic initiative of a young and enterprising yoga guru – yogi Himanshu Joshi, this yoga school in Rishikesh is a fine example of an all-in-one education hub that meets the needs of students who have travelled from far and wide in the quest for true yogic wisdom.

Looking forward

“Morning shows the day.” A typical day at a yoga school in Rishikesh begins with the habit of rising early and will always ensure that there is something or the other to look forward to. Besides just academic classes , you can expect several other activities aimed to provide you a learning experience such as the taste of yogic diet, dance and music and other such cultural events, excursions, and more which you will get to explore as a student of a standard yoga school in Rishikesh. Keeping these add-onns in mind, a quality yoga school in Rishikesh such as Himalayan Yoga Association has not left any stone unturned ever since it’s inception while conducting detail oriented and internationally certified courses on yoga teacher training based on beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. As a student of this emerging yoga school in Rishikesh, you are sure to spend quality and productive time throughout your selected course program duration with undoubtedly the best outcome in terms of a wholesome and worthwhile yogic education and experience to remember.

Get in touch:

Address: Himalayan Yoga Association Nirmal Block B, Lane 10, Visthapit Colony, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249204, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249192
Contact: +91-7217206223
Email: [email protected]

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