Best Places in India for Yoga Retreats

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Heal and refresh your mind, body and soul with a power-packed yoga retreat in India.

Why Yoga Retreat

Gain a life-transforming experience with a yoga retreat in India! Yes, you can transform your life with a yoga retreat which can help you cope up with any mental or emotional issues which you may be going through. It has also been healing for many who have experienced any body injury.

Why India for Yoga Retreat

Because India being the birthplace of yoga has some of the best places for yoga retreats!

Here are some of the best picks in India for a worthwhile yoga retreat program:


“ The Yoga Capital of the World”- Rishikesh invites all yogis and yoga enthusiasts to delve deep in a 7 day yoga retreat to escape the daily monotony of routine life. If you are looking for a quiet and tranquil environment, you could head towards the forested slopes of the magical Tapovan, that have some great retreat centers offering yoga and meditation along with yoga teacher training programs. The classes in addition present you the scenic sights of the rugged mountain ranges – that are worth admiring.


For yogis who are beach lovers, the pristine beaches of Goa promise you the sun, sand and sea along with yoga! Practice Savasana with the whispering breezes and the rustle of the palms in the backdrop. Or just laze under the sun and get that healthy tan you’ve been longing for as you combine your yoga retreat with a vacation in Goa. Also do not miss on the incredible cuisine and the exotic nightlife during your stay in Goa. Exclusive yoga retreat centers in Goa with accommodation, healthy food and great teachers, are a part of this wonderful tropical paradise – all set to keep up your spirits high .


For the mountain lovers, Dharamsala in India is the place to be! Disconnect yourself from the outside world as you delve deep in yoga and meditation with a heart touching yoga retreat in Dharamsala. The majestic landscapes and the spirituality filling the atmosphere of Dharamsala is enough to distract you from technological gadgets and the daily stress. There is no dearth of the best yoga schools that conduct yoga teacher training programs and yoga retreats in Dharamsala.

India’s history of yoga dates back to 5000 BC. And till date, this popular art form continues to be practiced widely throughout the country. Known for the ethnic yoga ashrams, yoga schools and yoga retreat centers, India is a great choice for beginners too who would like to experience a yoga retreat. You may find basic accommodations and simple living here on the contrary to the yoga studios back home, however this simple lifestyle itself could be an interesting experience for you that you may want to try. Besides, the experience and knowledge of yoga teachers in India is unmatched, thus adding a great start to your yogic journey that you are looking forward to.

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