Do you know the God ?

By Yoga

This question is often asked, do you know the god ? so how can I be left. One day one person asked me, have you seen the god, do you believe in him ? so my answer was I haven’t seen the god but I do believe in him, he exists, he takes care us, he looks after us, he looks after the whole universe. It doesn’t matter if we call him with different names or we connect him with any religion but still he is one with many names and many religions.

Person liked my answer very much and asked me if I can speak more about him (God) so I started like this – The most important thing, all we need to understand him, is to love him and we all know, it doesn’t require anything from the outside world, it just requires our pure love to him from within our heart. An example that I give to everyone whoever asks this question- The best moments to
realize the god are – When we have nobody we have him, when we lose everything we find him, when nobody can save us he saves us, when we lose all our hopes he becomes our hope and so far these experiences are realised by everyone but we forget him once all situations are in our hands and we again start with logics & reasons of someone else.

As humans, our life is temporary and the biggest fear in it is death, mostly our prayers are not for him (God), they are for our own personal interest. We all have experienced god in one or another way in time to time. when any danger comes we naturally start chanting his name. Whether we believe on him or not which means he is within each of us, we are energy and he is supreme energy who gives everyone life. To love him we don’t need any special qualification nor any religious background, all we need is our true devotion for him, we can remember him with any respected name, he doesn’t need any thing because all we have is coming from him and he loves us lot, we can feel him when we start loving him in the same way. He is not visible in outside world but he is visible within us.

To realise him (God) remember him with any respected name given to you by your family or master with sincerity and one day you will feel his presence within you. This is one of the best way to realise the god.

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