Yoga and medicine

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It is essential that before undertaking yoga therapy a full medical examination be performed by a qualified practitioner. This is a imperative in order to:

  1. Ascertain the exact nature of the condition.
  2. Find out whether there are complications. For example, if someone with diabetes also has high blood pressure, the programme of yogic treatment will be quite different from that of the diabetic with no complications.
  3. Decide whether yogic or medical treatment should be the first line of approach. Many inexperienced therapists jump in with yoga when medical therapy would prove the faster and more efficient means to a cure, and vice versa. This is the typical one-sided approach of a closed and narrow mind.

Only a qualified professional in the healing or medical world can decide whether a disease can be treated by their particular discipline.

Anyone who has experience in yoga therapy will that a guru or qualified teacher is vital. For example, it is often necessary to continue medical treatment for some time before the yogic practices are established and working effectively. Only an experienced individual or doctor can indicate when medicines can be reduced and yoga practices relied on for the maintenance of health. The teacher instructs the patient in preparatory practices for the yoga techniques specified for each individual condition.

Though yoga and medicine work hand in hand to safely re-establish health, only yoga can truly bring about and maintain health, for yoga views life and disease in a revolutionary light. Instead of seeing disease as something to be feared and quickly eradicated, yoga teachers us that, from a spiritual point of view, disease is our teacher and friend.

Disease indicates that we have been making an error in our lifestyle or thinking and we have become unbalanced. It shows us that we must make some changes if we are to live a healthier, fuller and more joyous existence. Yoga teaches us that we must learn to use and value our sufferings as springboards in our spiritual evolution. Somehow we have lost our awareness of who we are and how we can lead useful and aware lives. Loss of awareness allows disease to creep in. When we are sick, we are forced by nature to wake up to our  transgressions of natural laws. Regaining our awareness through yogic practices is key to health. The yogic process brings about rebalance, insight, understanding and appreciation of the universal, natural laws which operate in the world we live in.

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