Utthanasana (Rising pose)

By YogaUtthanasana (Rising pose), yoga asana

Utthanasana (Rising pose) “Uttan” means “Rise” and “Asana” means “pose”. The English name is “Rising pose”.   Position : Standing Type: Balance Spiritual Awareness : Mooladhar and Manipura Physical Awarenes : On the straight back and leg muscles Dosha Suitability : Pita Introducery Asana : Tadasan Procedure: 1. Stand with legs one metre apart with toes pointing outwards. 2. Clasp the fingers of both hands and let them hang loosely in front of the body. Inhale deeply. 3. Exhaling bend the knees sideways over the toes and lower the buttocks with the upper body and spine remaining straight. 4. The knees should bend outward in alignment with the toes, to help keeping the knee stable. Avoid bending forward. Descend gradually to 20 cm, 30 cm, and finally until the hands rest on or as near […]

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