Embrace yoga to free yourself from the web of unhealthy habits

By Yogahealing, health, meditation, mind and body, yoga

Couch potato and lazybones are no longer part of urban colloquial language and have become quite common. With the nature of jobs fast-changing, physical work in day-to-day activities is coming down. Penetration of technology has given rise to a sedentary lifestyle resulting in so many common diseases. This not only increases people’s out-of-pocket health expenses but also limits the growth potential. Post-Covid the importance of health has come to the fore. Once a person is physically constrained or crippled, his/her mental ability also gets impacted. In no time, there is a chain reaction and the person feels so negative and helpless in the worst cases. Yoga can not only rescue people from falling into the abyss but considerably improve one’s potential to grow multi-fold in life. A person just needs […]

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