Student Reviews for Yoga Teacher Training Courses at Himalayan Yoga Association

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Did you know that the yoga teacher training courses are for everyone who want to have a truly happy life by incorporating yoga into your life. The yoga teacher training course is not only for future yoga teachers. The courses cover the most important aspects of yoga from different points of view in order to prepare the learner be able to live life with the yogic wisdom. Take a look at some of the recent interviews with our yoga teacher training course students on the graduation ceremony. (Some parts of the interviewed contents are modified or shortened in order to fit into this blog article. Visit our YouTube channel to watch full versions.)

Leave everything you have been practicing or reading in your own countries aside and absorb everything here.

“I can really recommend it here, I had a great time in my 2 months yoga teacher training course at Himalayan Yoga Association. The best thing that happened to me was that I finally understood yoga philosophy, anatomy, and Ayurveda by coming to this school. I had read about them before but never really understood until I came here. The most important thing is to leave everything you have been practicing or reading in your own countries aside and absorb everything here. The school is very clean including the bedroom and bathroom, has proper places for each activity. The kitchen team is always very helpful to serve the best for each student. This school has everything you need to be for your entire duration of the course it’s very easy to be here. All the activities Himalayan Yoga Association provides us are out of a good heart, kindness, and always with the best intentions. I’m prepared to incorporate everything I’ve learnt here to try to live a yogic life in the outside world.”

Yogi Colosso / Our 500 hours yoga teacher training course student


Authentic learning and practice experiences await at Himalayan Yoga Association. Coming to our school with the feeling of knowing about yoga could be the biggest obstacle to get the best time here. As Colosso ji suggests, put all your knowledge and egos aside as you step into Himalayan Yoga Association, and keep yourself open to the authentic yoga experiences. Unlike the most of the other yoga schools in Rishikesh, we have large space and campus premises with the top cleanliness, and have an Ayurvedic spa where you can get a variety of spa treatments in your free time (all our yoga teacher training courses include 2-4 Ayurvedic full-body massages according to the course), and an outdoor swimming pool in our spacious garden area. You are welcome to come visit our school campus to actually see it with your eyes.

I was already practicing yoga a lot even before coming here, but learnt a lot of new things that have made my yoga journey a lot better.

“I had a wonderful time, all the teachers are lovely. I didn’t do much meditation in my life before coming here so I found it really hard to do meditation in the beginning, but it got a lot easier after 2 weeks, and I learnt a lot on how to implement new styles of meditation techniques that I didn’t know about before which makes my yoga journey more exciting. I was already practicing yoga a lot even before coming here, but by learning more about the different styles of yoga, learning about Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras I didn’t know anything about it before for example, my yoga journey has become a lot better and I can go back to the world by understanding the different nuances of everything. I’m looking forward to continuing my yoga journey after learning a lot here at Himalayan Yoga Association in Rishikesh.” –

Yogini Florence / Our 200 hours yoga teacher training course student


Even if you are already a yoga teacher or a yoga practitioner, you will certainly have eye-opening experiences during your yoga teacher training course with us. Knowing and accepting not knowing opens a wonderful learning journey. Most of the people quit practicing meditation because it requires patience and consistency. By participating our yoga teacher training courses, you will be practicing meditation everyday with our experienced meditation teachers. Put yourself in the environment where you cannot make any excuses to quit.

What you are going to learn and be taught us very very deep and traditional, it’s something that you will not regret doing.

I have had a really memorable, life-changing experience. The team that organizes and conducts and runs the entire show is amazing. Everyone is super kind, super lovely. I found that the teachers are very embodied, very authentic, and definitely push you to be a much stronger and more disciplined version of yourself. I have learnt so much, and it really has exceeded my expectations of what I thought I would be experiencing here. All the foods are amazing, and I’m so grateful for the team. I personally would recommend anyone that’s thinking about coming to Rishikesh for a yoga teacher training to join Himalayan Yoga Association. The facility is amazing. What you are going to learn and be taught us very very deep and traditional, it’s something that you will not regret doing.” –

Yogini Sabrina / Our 500 hours yoga teacher training course student


We are a yoga school that cherish authenticity and delivering yoga as it is without modern modifications. We want to make sure the time you will have here with us is the best time, and prepare you to keep living life with yogic wisdom even after your course. You will find yourself growing day by day physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Be the next one.

Give yourself the yoga teacher training course for your future. What you will experience with us here at Himalayan Yoga Association in Rishikesh, India, will surely transform you.