Best Online Yoga Courses in India – Beginners to Advanced

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The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has turned our life Topsy turvy and everything about our daily routine has changed to a large extent. Instead of going out and shopping, we are buying things online, schools are conducting online classes, and offices are operating out of homes.

Technology has come to our rescue big time as services are being delivered at our doorsteps as the fear of catching virus lingers on. Our fitness regimen too has been bearing the brunt of the pandemic as we no longer go out for gymming, morning walks or yoga classes. But here too internet is proving to be a boon with fitness experts conducting online live sessions and classes and helping people stick to their fitness regimen.

The fitness tribe is only growing with each passing day as the only way one can beat the Covid-19 pandemic is by increasing immunity. Even those who earlier led an active lifestyle but are now forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle are finding ways to work out, stay in the pink of their health by getting enrolled in Best online yoga courses in India.

It is safe to say that there are a plenty of choices for fitness enthusiasts online. So why yoga? This article will answer this question and also provides tips on choosing the right course, becoming the perfect yoga teacher, and give a glimpse at Himalayan Yoga Association’s comprehensive online yoga teacher training programmes as well as short term courses.




Why online yoga courses in india is important in pandemic times


online yoga courses in India


Yoga has been gaining popularity as unlike other forms of fitness, it can be practiced easily from the comforts of home without expensive equipment. All you need is a yoga mat and a firm resolve to stick to your routine for your holistic well-being. Another plus with yoga is that it helps alleviate stress and anxiety that has become a part and parcel of the pandemic life. As the lines between home, workplace and schools blur, people are finding it difficult to cope with the pressure of putting their best foot forward in each of these areas.

Yoga helps you not only to remove stiffness from the body and relieve pain but also to organize your mind so that you can prioritize better and live a better life. The current times can be chaotic and unmanageable with unstructured days and increasing stress due to our inability to give 100% to any of the task.

Yoga not only focusses on getting the asanas right and providing you the right workout, but it goes much beyond. Since many of us are avoiding stepping out unless absolutely urgent, we have a monotonous life with no specific routine. Having no routine can actually be killing as there is no motivation to do a specific task at a specific time.

Yoga is the perfect way to make a routine as the ancient practice also advises a fixed time to wake up early in the morning, eliminate waste from the body and do the asanas, pranayama and also the meditation. Once the foundation of your day is laid, setting the routine for the rest of the day seems easier. Yoga makes the process of contemplation and finding solutions better and once we have recognized the most productive hours of a day, more than half of our troubles are over.

In absence of a routine, one may be tempted to wake up at any time of the day and miss out on the most productive hours of morning. Also, if one doesn’t have a routine, the timing of the meals go for a toss which again plays a havoc with your body. Many of the people are glued to their devices late in the night and end up feeling groggy in the morning. All these things can be tackled once we start leading a yogic lifestyle.

Waking up early for doing asanas, eating sattvik diet at the fixed time and sleeping in the night early could miraculously shape your life the way you had always wanted. Not only this routine helps you function most productively and efficiently but also keeps your mental health top notch.

Since yoga can be the answer to so many problems, people are increasingly opting for yoga programmes online.


Why to opt for an online yoga course india?


Apart from turning home into yoga studio, a big plus about online Yoga classes is that you can time it as per your convenience. With the world still remaining in the grip of pandemic and uncertainty around outdoor activities, online classes have already evolved and tailor-made course modules have been developed. Those looking to start the transformational journey could choose a suitable course from among an array of offerings. There are free trial classes also available to assess the potential gains of signing up for the class. The courses have been customised for various age groups and their specific needs. Moreover, the postures have been clubbed to target specific issues faced by the people. There is a possibility of a person having an underlying health condition so the courses have been developed accordingly. The separate courses are also being run for males and females. There are choices galore now as compared to offline classes. The filter option for yoga courses is now akin to the one available on e-commerce marketplace. You can enter your requirements and the system will fetch the best option for you! For instance, if someone has perennial back pain, excess body weight and only 20 minutes to spare for physical exercise, he would receive the option on the basis of his requirement. Similarly, a health buff could get the option of 90 minutes rigorous yoga program.


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Yoga courses were never so affordable


Not long ago, connecting with someone through video-conferencing was prohibitively expensive. Besides the equipment, the service cost was not affordable and even then there was no guarantee of quality interaction. Most often than not, the signal was missing.

But the online meeting platforms like ZOOM, Skype or Google Meet have substantially improved the quality while at the same time much lighter on the pocket. You just need to download the various Meeting Apps on your mobile or laptop and get started. During the pandemic times, Zoom has become a household name just like Google when it comes to meeting online.

Live Zoom yoga classes are gaining popularity across the world and in no time it may reach everywhere. Many yoga schools and centres have seen health enthusiasts joining their online classes in the last 16-18 months as offline courses are frequently disrupted by lockdowns and travel restrictions. For the tech-savvy Gen X and Gen Y, experience in online classes is not much different from the in-person sessions. The surroundings and ambience of yoga schools in scenic locations in hills, beaches and riverside are all available virtually and given the current situation no one complains.


How to choose the best yoga course online


how to choose best yoga course online himalayan yoga association


No wonder internet is flooded with millions of yoga courses online. When there is too much choice, it is important to exercise caution and pick the one that is the best and that suits you the best.

Here are the things one should keep in mind while opting for an online yoga course:

1)     The institute: The first and foremost thing before choosing an online yoga course is to do it from a reputed institute. Since you cannot physically go and check out the institute in pandemic times, make sure it is a good one and has been providing quality yoga courses over the time. You must check out their modules and see if the course fits your requirement. You may opt for a short-term course first to see how it’s going for you. If you feel the course is good enough, you may go for a longer-duration course.

2)     Teachers: The difference between taking an online course and a physical course is that the former relies completely on clarity of instructions and communication as the teacher cannot guide you physically. If your teacher is a good communicator apart from being a good yoga teacher, you will learn much faster. The instructors must also be web savvy so they could easily overcome this barrier and provide you the best of yoga knowledge online. They must be willing to go that extra mile to clarify your doubts and take personal interest in your progress. Before joining a yoga course online, you may take feedback from those who have already taken the course to make an informed choice.

3)     Flexibility: In case of online course, it may happen that the internet connection goes for a toss or considering you are operating out of home, some or the other distraction may come. Thus, taking online courses from an institute that is not too rigid about its timings, days or duration of completion is a good idea. This will ensure you are leaving space for all the obstacles that may come in your way of taking online classes for yoga because let’s accept these are difficult times and one must be ready for contingencies.

4)     Online resources: Learning yoga online is not the same as going physically to an institute. A lot more effort goes into making online learning effective. Live sessions, pre-recorded video explaining angles in details, additional sessions to address doubts must be extensively covered in the course module so that each and every aspect of yoga that the student aims to learn is taught in the right way.


Can one become a yoga teacher online?


There have been a variety of teacher training courses available now online that allows one to practice yoga in any part of the country. Being stuck in the pandemic times doesn’t mean that you have to put your dreams to become a yoga teacher on hold.  While there are drawbacks of learning online as it may lack the personal touch, one plus of it is that you acquire additional skills of online teaching which is a futuristic skill.

Besides you get to choose from a plethora of courses anywhere in the world. Yoga Alliance is now providing its certification even for online courses and this is the best time for those aspiring to teach yoga.

Also, one can learn yoga at their own pace with no need to travel at all. At the end of the yoga course, one has to take the mandatory tests and examination before an accredited certification is provided to them.

Afterall if you have the required skills and inclination towards teaching, you need more than a certification, a drive to teach and spread the knowledge far and wide.


Connecting with great teachers and many intangible benefits


himalayan yoga teachers



Just like online tutorials for school-going students, online yoga platforms connect students with top yoga teachers. The teachers could be different countries and continents altogether. Unlike this, in case of offline cases, the choice of teacher or instructor is limited to a few. In online classes, you may also get more personalised attention.

It is said that yogasanas should be practiced under the guidance of experienced teachers, access to great teachers during online courses and personalised attention mean benefits multiplying. Similarly, doing meditation in the comfort of home while following instructions coming through high-quality sound bars could be a nice experience in itself.

It is human nature to compare oneself with others. It is the reason most of us tend to compare our fitness and mobility with others when in an offline class. In the online class there is no such mental baggage. As a result, students remain more focussed on experiencing the body and mind connection rather than getting distracted.

While learning the age-old practice digitally, you also save on various expenses such as travelling to the institute and paying for accommodation and food. You also tend to save a lot of time driving to a nearby studio or flying to a far-flung location in the mountains.


How to mold yourself into a perfect yoga teacher


While there are online and offline courses available which can make you eligible for teaching yoga, the art of teaching can only be perfected with constant practice and deep interest in the subject. It is also driven by your desire to share your knowledge with as many people as possible and your passion for yoga. Once you achieve the first step, i.e. getting the required knowledge and skills to become a yoga teacher, you should take your time to bring changes in your lifestyle, body, and mind so as to become a role model for your students.

You should be open to learning new things every day, and read as much as you can on this ancient practice to update yourself. When not teaching, you should spend as much time as possible perfecting your skills. For example, a fit and flexible body would speak for itself and so will your calm demeanour. Years of practice will only make you better as a teacher and a yoga practitioner. Do not grow complacent and keep absorbing the knowledge as much as possible.


Making your living as a yoga teacher


If yoga is something that motivates you and has turned into a lifelong passion, then you must explore all facets of making this a profession.  Here are some of the ways you can utilize your skills:

  • Online classes: This is something which people would like to opt for even after pandemic is over. Going digital is the need of the hour and is the perfect solution for those who are leading hectic lifestyles.
  • Blogging: If you like connecting with people through writing, then sharing your knowledge through blogging is a good idea. People look for credible information on internet, and if you have something interesting to share, you may add to your subscribers base.
  • E-books: This is an extension to what you like doing. When you feel you have enough material for a book, then you can collate and turn it into an eBook for the benefit of people who are looking for authentic information on Yoga.
  • Become an entrepreneur: You can open your own yoga studio and start your own range of courses once you have enough experience in the field.


What Himalayan Yoga Association is offering in online yoga courses



online yoga teacher training course benefits


Himalayan Yoga Association (HYA) has ramped up its online learning programme as the coronavirus pandemic is making it difficult for students to attend yoga classes physically. We offer comprehensive online yoga programmes that help you become a certified yoga teacher from the comforts of your home.

We also offer short-duration courses for beginners, intermediate, and advance level students who want to hone their skill in a particular area. HYA provides you the most exciting deals in online yoga courses from live yoga classes, detailed pre-recorded sessions, lifelong access to course materials.

Our online courses are open and one can enroll for them at affordable prices. The courses have been designed in a flexible manner as per the individual requirement.


Here are the details of the online courses HYA is offering:

100-hour and 200-hour online teacher training course – Book Now

If this is the start of your yogic journey, a 100-hour yoga teacher training course will give you a glimpse into various aspects of yoga and prepare you for the more advanced courses. Our online course at HYA, similar to our physical course at Rishikesh centre, covers Yoga philosophy, yoga therapy, asanas, pranayama, meditation, alignment methodology etc.

Our live zoom classes will give you a feel of offline classes where our experts will connect with you directly and answer any query you might have while learning. To make learning a continuous process, there are detailed pre-recorded sessions for your benefit. The duration of the course is flexible keeping in mind the home situation and the 30 days course can be completed in up to 3 months.

100-hour yoga teacher training programme is part 1 of 200-hour teacher training course.  The students who have completed the first part of 100-Hour teacher training course are given the option to pursue the second part of the course to get certification for 200-hour teacher training course. In case you have already completed the first part of this course offline, you also have the option to complete the 200-hour teacher training course online.

Or you can straightaway opt for 200-hour teacher training course


300-hour online teacher training course – Book Now

Like 200-hour teacher training course, HYA also offers a more advanced 300-hour teacher training course online that provides you a flexible 40 days course that you can complete till 3 months. The multi-style Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha yoga course provides you an advanced level expertise from yoga philosophy, anatomy, asana, pranayama, meditation among other things.  There are other perks to become part of the HYA family. You will be eligible for 10% discount in all off-line courses and get an opportunity to work as an instructor here.


7-days workshops

Apart from the full-fledged courses that span over months, HYA also offers 7-day online workshops with 3 hours of practice every day, 1 live with the teach and the other 2 hours of self-practice with recorded sessions. The best thing about these workshops is that they are of short duration and can out of the 3 hours, 2 hours can be dedicated according to an individual’s comfort.

There are workshops available for meditation, yoga anatomy, yoga philosophy, pranayama, ashtanga yoga, hatha vinyasa flow for beginner, intermediate as well as advanced level.

Whether you are an aspiring yoga teacher, or someone who wants to embrace yoga for its many benefits, HYA has the suitable courses for you. This is the best time to try out the courses online at the most affordable prices.



Yoga is a continuous and lifelong journey of experiencing joy and well-being at its best. Starting with getting rid of habits that are dragging you towards poor health, yoga transforms you in ways that you cannot imagine in the beginning. By changing your routine – waking up, eating habits and sleeping time, you make a firm and unflinching commitment to good health be it physical or mental.

The asanas and pranayamas help us feel energetic, boost immunity and also make sure we do not age prematurely. While many of us choose the yogic way of life for stress and anxiety relief or physical fitness, Yoga also helps you establish a dialogue with your inner self that helps you make better choices and lead a better life.

Yoga helps us to look within and help get rid of unhealthy patterns that are stopping us from becoming the best version of ourselves.