How to Cure High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) with Yoga? Ayurvedic Eating Tips

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Rise in serum cholesterol levels, tension, stress and strain, worry, hurry bad scurry, profession or family related problems, financial upsets, injured prestige and pride, suppression of desires, sexual incompetence and incompatibility, dietary indiscretions alcohol, smoking, overuse of drugs are some of the basic cause of high blood pressure.


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Try to eliminate or at least try to partially reduce the causes enumerated above, and practise methods suggested under the heart section. Naturopathy believes that high blood pressure is caused by toxins existent in the system.


Ayurvedic Tips to Prevent Blood Presure Problems


Ayurveda believes that blood pressure rises due to vitiation of Vata (wind element) (What is Vata, Pita & Cafa). A few cloves (3-5) which should be reduced to powder form, should be taken in a raw form with water on an empty stomach or else taken by mixing it with honey. Powder of Sarpagandha (R.Serpentine) may be taken (1 TSP) thrice daily with water or amla water (Juice).

Take Triphala (1 TSP) at night to set your digestion in order a preparation of Rasraja (30mg) Pravalpishte 60 mg and Sarpagandha 375 mg should be taken with honey juice of myrobalan (Amla) thrice daily. Any one of the above mentioned medicines or combination can be taken, as per requirement.


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Diet plays an important part in controlling blood pressure. Do not take food more than thrice a day. It should, of necessity, consist of low-spiced, low-salt, low-fat, low carbohydrate foods which should be enriched by leafy and green vegetables and seasonal fruits. For breakfast, take orange or orange juice, guavas for lunch and apples for dinner. Healthy Homemade Detox Juice Recipe

In addition salads of green and leafy vegetables may also be taken. Papaya, coconut water, mangoes, pineapple, water or musk melons should be taken to fill up the belly but no cereals be taken. Only cow’s ghee may be taken, but in a moderate quantity, with the meals. Avoid using alcohol, tobacco, intoxicating drugs, meats, and fried food. Yogurt, milk and whey should form an essential part of diet, apart from whole grain cereals, pulses, salads, etc.

Try to regulate your lifestyle and habits. Physical activity in the form of morning and evening walks, Pranayam, Yoga, relaxation, rest and keeping away from stress and strain of life, practical approach to various problems, jovial and amicable mood will go to a long way in ameliorating ravages of the malady.

Shun the use of crystal sugar which should be substituted by jaggery. Dry fruits, dates and raisins may be taken in very moderate quality but not totally eliminated. Take bath regularly and while bathing, massage all the limbs properly and thoroughly. Ensure proper cleansing and hygiene of private parts, skin-folds, etc. If you have constipation, saline water enema will serve well to purge out poisonous matters. After taking an enema take only light and bland diet only.


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Take plenty of pure and fresh water. Fresh air, water, proper and digestible food, physical activity breathing exercises, regular work, non-sedentary lifestyle, adherence to nature and its laws, proper rest are all the more necessary. Remember high blood pressure can adversely affect cardiac and renal functions also. Emotional and psychic upsets and disorders can also not be discounted and overlooked. Take care of your body, and the mind will take care of itself.