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Yoga is for everyone in any stage of their life. The sooner you start learning and practicing yoga, the more you get fruit from. Trying to find happiness outside world is an endless mistake, and yoga is the way to find true happiness within ourselves. If you are a yoga practitioner or you want to learn yoga, a lot of people choose Rishikesh to learn yoga in. Why so?

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Why Do People Choose Rishikesh to Learn Yoga?

Rishikesh is the birthplace of yoga, and widely known as the world capital of yoga. Rishikesh has been thriving with India’s ancient wisdoms and authenticity. You can feel Yoga is rooted deeply in their way of life. There are so many ashrams, spiritual temples and spots where many great Sages have left their spiritual energy in. We, Himalayan Yoga Association take our students to these places as a part of the yoga courses we offer. One of such spiritual places we go is Balkunwari Devi Temple. It is the temple of Parvati, who is the consort of Shiva, and the mother of the Hindu deities Ganesha and Kartikeya. Not only the sacred and powerful energy you can feel here, but also the magnificent view of the mountains and the sunrise we can see from this temple is breathtaking. Another temple we cannot forget to mention is Kunjapuri Devi Temple, which is one of the 52 Shaktipeeth in Uttarakhand. It is said that Sati’s body parts feel onto 52 different places, and this is the place where the upper body of burned Sati fell on after she jumped into the sacrificial fire to end her own life. This temple also has a panoramic view, and because of its high altitude, we can have amazing experience during the sunrise regardless of the weather. Needless to say, the sunrise behind the mountains on the eye level is the top sunrise view in Rishikesh, but even on a cloudy day, the heads of the mountains floating on the clouds gives you an unforgettable dreamy experience. Vashista Gufa is also one of the weekend excursion spots we go with our students. It is a sacred cave situated on the bank of the mother Ganga. This is the cave where Sgae Vashista, one of the seven great sages, meditated in for years. The moment you step into this cave, you feel the time has stopped there, and even if you say you are not a spiritual person, you cannot deny the strong energy and its sacredness. Practicing meditation there in the cave is something you cannot miss when you are in Rishikesh.

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As the birthplace of yoga, Rishikesh has so many yoga ashrams and yoga schools for spiritual seekers. Yoga is rooted in the people of Rishikesh, and Rishikesh itself. Even just living in such a place let you learn a lot of things, but going into a yoga ashram or a yoga school is definitely a life-changing experience We, Himalayan Yoga Association has always been one of the top-leading yoga schools in Rishikesh. We have been thriving to provide the yogic wisdom as it is, as its most authentic way possible since the establishment of the school. As the founder of the school is a Yogi who was born and brought up here in Rishikesh, and has been contributing to yoga scenes since his young age, he knows who the best teacher is for each class at the school. They are our top yoga teachers.


-Yogi Sadhu-

He is our yoga philosophy teacher. He has a Master in Yogic science as well as philosophy, and has an advanced diploma in Vedanta, Sanskrit, and Indian philosophy. His knowledge in India scripture is outstanding, and he has been interviewed by top institutes.


-Yogini Neha-

She has done PhD in yogic science. Her authentic and loving approach to each student in our anatomy / Yoga therapy / Ayurvedic classes allows you to be beautifully open to new learnings just as the way she is open to new knowledge and experiences in life.


-Yogi Prashant-

He is our Ashtanga vinyasa / Alignment & Adjustment teacher, who has a master’s degree in Yogic Science. His class is always full of energy, and his passion for delivering a proper knowledge of asanas with clear directions creates a dynamic atmosphere in the class.


-Yogi Manoj-

He is our one of the most experienced teachers who has been teaching yoga for 15+ years. His authentic way of teaching Hatha Yoga to our students have been bringing precious experiences and knowledge in their yogic journey that never vanish with time.


-Yogi Deepak-

Started practicing yoga intensely after being told his health is in danger and medicines cannot cure, he is a super dedicated yogi himself, who has a Master of Yoga. He delivers his passion and knowledge in his Hatha / Vinyasa, Meditation, and Pranayama classes at Himalayan Yoga Association.


We cannot talk about Himalayan Yoga Association without talking about our founder, Yogi Himanshu. He helped to establish a lot of leading yoga institutes in Rishikesh, yet he does not feel the need to claim it out loud as he believes whatever he has achieved are given by the universe. He sees himself as a mean to deliver what the universe wants him to do so. Even though he has been contributing to so many lives from all over the world, he never calls himself a guru as he believes that’s what people decide, not himself. He encourages yoga students to explore and deepen their practice at their own pace because every single person has unique backgrounds and circumstances, and it is important to respect every individual’s different processes.


The sooner, the better. We sincerely wish everyone in the world learn and practice yoga for them to find a true happiness in life without getting trapped in the fast and artificial world. Join Himalayan Yoga Association to find true peace, never-ending happiness until your last breath.