How to attain a cycle of positive thoughts. Yogic teaching supported by the latest science

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Positive thinking and belief can make you grow by leaps and bounds in life. But in today’s world when stress levels are high and multi-tasking is a way of life, attaining the peace and calmness required for a positive mindset could be missing. One may confuse positivity with looking cheerful or happy, but the term goes way beyond its popular perception. At our best yoga school in Rishikesh, Himalayan Yoga Association, we see many new participants that were trying to look cheerful and happy in the beginning start to be natural and happy in the most truthful way after a couple of days. A positive mindset can make one optimistic in life and the people who practice it are hopeful, helpful, accepting of others and believe in solution-oriented approach. However, it’s difficult to stay positive when you are bogged down by stress and your cortisol levels are high. Yoga can help you in multiple ways in developing positive mindset which results in positive thoughts, better handling of challenges in life and elimination of stress.

There is deep connection between good health — physical as well as mental — and positive thinking. This has been proved by various scientific studies and one can also experience this through subtle observation of the body-mind connection. It has been seen that those who are more cheerful and focussed on the brighter side of the life lead a healthy life. Moreover, they also heal faster in case of a physical injury or ailments compared to those in the grip of negative emotions. Practicing yoga boosts the positive aspects of one’s personality thus attracting good people. As one of the most-recognized yoga schools in Rishikesh, India, we all make sure each of our student goes their way to attain a truly happy life with cheerfulness coming out from their authentic-Self.

A University of Kansas study earlier found that those who more often have smiles on their faces have lesser risks of high blood pressure or hypertension even in stressed environment.

As various yoga postures activate body parts and internal organs, endorphins also known as feel-good hormones are released. This makes the practitioners feel positive and brighten their outlook towards life. It triggers a chain of positive thoughts which help one better deal with the problems of life. Since yoga involves meditation, it helps bring stillness in mind giving rise to positive emotions. It brings a state of mindfulness that improves judgements even during strenuous and challenging times. Learn how those systems in your body can be stimulated by practicing yoga asanas and pranayamas at the best yoga school in Rishikesh, India with us.

What is the root of negative mindset?

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Mind has a negativity bias which means we ponder over our negative experiences more than our positive experiences. Even trivial matters occupy our mindset and shift the mind to fight and flight response. It’s not easy to get out of this loop of negative thoughts as a person in this state of mind will connect the present situation to a set of past negative situations, judge themselves harshly for having poor judgment or find themselves lonely even when surrounded with supportive people. However, getting out of this situation can be as simple as planting a single positive thought in the mind which could trigger a series of positive memories, visuals and feelings to deal with negativity bias. Yoga can help one deal with the negative chain of thoughts by calming the mind and allowing you much-needed space to analyse and reach an optimal state where you are able to approach the current challenge with a clear head and take the best decision as per your judgment.

When one is depressed, anxious or suffering from any kind of mental disorder, their mind is either stuck in a loop of negative thoughts or there is a feeling of complete numbness. Yoga has many effective asanas that can help prevent depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and even help manage them. In a study published in the Journal of Behavior Research and Therapy in 2016 it was found that those who visualize positive images are less prone to anxiety and remain more in the state of happiness.

When it comes to beating stress, Yoga has many tools in the form of asanas, pranayama techniques and meditation that work on the stress in a 360-degree manner. While poses relieve muscular tension, pranayama stabilises your breathing and meditation can help analyse negative thoughts and aid in dealing with them. When you are less stressed, your nervous system shifts to parasympathetic mode and a clear mind is always a home to positive thoughts contrary to a cluttered mind where repetitive negative thoughts make you anxious and restless.

Yoga boosts positivity

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Yoga, especially the meditation part plays a big role in managing your thoughts and have a deep impact on monkey mind which likes to jump from one thought to the other. When your thoughts are organised, your daily schedule and work too get eased. The accomplishments in daily life no doubt promote positive thinking.
As you go deeper into your practice, you will begin to reap unexpected benefits. Yoga can help you connect with your inner self, look deep into the root of a stressful thought, and eventually letting you understand other people’s perspective. Practicing Yoga can thus promote altruistic thoughts and inspires one to serve others. This can give one deep satisfaction and promote positive thoughts.

A positive mindset and positive thoughts are very important for success as without it, one would be hesitant in taking up challenges, doubt themselves and indulge in over thinking which will reduce productivity and prevent one from taking quick and effective decisions. With a positive mindset and a calm mind, one can make peace with situations that they have no control over, be more accepting towards people of all temperaments and types, have an inclination towards charity and helping fellow people, and above all, an acceptance towards self.

For a consistent and constant flow of positive thoughts, one should begin and end their day with the recommended Yoga practices. The change may be gradual but will impact all aspects of your life positively.

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