Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh India

By Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh Indiayoga teacher training, Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh India

I want to show my appreciation and my gratitude to the Himalayan Yoga Association i have just finished my 300 hour online yoga teacher training which was a very positive surprise um i was supposed to have joined last august 2020 and i couldn’t because of the restrictions and it was a hard decision to start an online yoga course

but now i am really super thankful that i have done this and that i have found the Himalayan Yoga Association the course is super complete the syllabus is really really complete the teachers are very knowledgeable and they can share the knowledge

they can really explain and show and also make you bring you to that point where you actually have to understand what you are studying they they have demystified a little bit the yoga and they could put the yoga the tradition and the science and the philosophy of it with all its deep meanings

and connected with the with the reality from nowadays also bringing us away and forms techniques to apply this knowledge of society that we live in now which i found it is super important that we can demystify and take away the abstract idea of the practice of yoga and the practice of meditation

and really bring it to understand that it is achievable for everybody no matter where you live no matter what you do no matter if you’re a sage in the mountains or just normal folk in the city it is it is it is for everybody it is achievable for everybody

i love the teachers they are super knowledgeable as i said they could share they could support they could help you in so many ways the course has full schedule with classes from the morning to the afternoon

the teachers are they do it with heart they do it with with meaning you can see that we really really um it runs on their veins that’s what they do which i loved there is practices there are it’s really so complete it’s full of energy which make you really feel this the spirit of the teacher training even though you are not there

i want to thank samya ji my coordinator for the help for the light heart and the light soul and for all of the accessibility that they give us that they show us really making it as easy easy and comfortable for us as it gets to to make the course you will learn you will study and most of all you will understand 

what you are studying and learning and you will be able to apply it you know with yourself and your practice and with your students as a teacher which is really um what i was looking for what i was expecting to get understanding of the topics of the issues of the deepest themes on the yoga they go from ayurvedi ayurveda to to tanayam to mudra to mantra

to really it’s so complete i can only recommend if you are looking for a place to go for a training go there if you can presentationally if not if you can’t go go from the online course it’s really worth it i am really really hoping that i can join the teachers in krishikesh soon enough thank you so much namaste.

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