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Yoga is a part of the Indian lifestyle. Real comfort lies in good health. Disease-free condition and contentment at the level of mind are essential components of happiness. Those who practice yoga as daily ritual would experience great deal of peace of mind and joy. Such people always think in positive way and lead a vey happy life.

Yoga has got the potential to bring prosperity and happiness to anybody from any profession. Since yoga brings about suitable changes in the behavioral pattern and the attitude  of a person, the personal relationship at home and in the society are also improved. This is the reason why western countries are now following Indian lifestyle which includes yoga. They have understood that yoga is a ‘means’ to manage stress and to lead a healthy and happy life.


Yoga As a Therapy

‘Stress’ is an outcome of the modern lifestyle. It is produced out of dissatisfaction, frustration and dejection when there is negative interaction between the self-projection and the adverse internal as well as the external environmental conditions. At present, the human existence is challenged by the stress disoreders or the psychosomatic diseases such as hypertension, hyperacidity, insomnia, heart diseases, diabetes, asthma etc.

Although the system of yoga is not developed for the purpose of treatment, it has been observed through the applied research that the regular practice of yoga not only controls these diseases but also promotes and maintains the healthy condition of body and mind prevents the diseases process.

Yoga is not an alternative to any conventional therapy but it definitely supports the healing process. Today, the popularity of yoga mostly because of its therapeutic value. Yoga has a potential to tranquilize and balance of mind, which is the key in the management of stress disorders.


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