Top 5 Amazing Hatha Yoga Benefits

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An ancient style of yoga originating back a over thousand years, ‘Hatha Yoga’ can be interpreted as “union of the opposites through a force.” This  power-packed and transformational practice trains the mind and body on postures (asanas), gestures (mudras), breath (pranayama), locks (bandhas), cleansing process (Shat kriyas)  and meditation sounds (nadausandhana), and magnifies the physiological roles of our body while preparing it to attain a steady mind and realize our divine end. ‘Hatha’ is a  term originating from the break-up of the Sanskrit “Ha” and “Tha” that represent the ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’ correspondingly.  Hatha Yoga can be referred to the science that balances the solar-lunar and the opposite pair  that is present  within ourselves.  Establishing this balance creates greater intimate relationship with the Self.  As per the consecrated transcripts of […]

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