Seven examples on how to apply mindfulness practice into our daily life from right now

By Himanshu JoshiYoga Teacher Trainingyoga limbs, yoga types
Morning meditation 6

As you scroll through your mobile or look at your computer screen reading this article, observe yourself and your thoughts for a moment. You may be physically at your home, office or anywhere you are supposed to be, but most often than not your mind is trapped in the web of the complex thoughts preventing you from being truly present in your surroundings and doing things in an absorbing and passionate way. Even if the first thing that you do in the morning is to look out of your balcony, chances are you aren’t truly there and thinking about your day or week ahead. Inculcating mindfulness in our daily life seems tougher and trickier than it appears. Forcing it may not work, but letting it flow by creating the right environment for it can.

Pause before you start your day

Right after waking up, resist the temptation to check messages on your mobile. This immediately puts you in work mode and reminds you of the work load that lies ahead of you. On the other hand, taking out 15 minutes for yourself at the wakeup time can help you stay connected with yourself and promote mindfulness. Meditate or just sitting doing nothing can do the trick.


Mindfulness while taking a bath

As each and every droplet touches your body and the feelings of rejuvenation hit you, absorb the satisfying and joyful feeling. Do not let your incessant thoughts trouble you while you are eliminating remnants of the past day.


Enjoy each morsel of your breakfast

Eat your favourite breakfast but keep it nutritious. Take your breakfast to a space that you associate with calmness and peace. Now take a deep breath and take a look at your plate. Observe what’s on your plate and appreciate what you are going to eat. While savouring each bite and the peaceful moments you have, absorb yourself in this morning ritual completely. Appreciate the taste and the satisfaction your meal is providing you.


Be present in the moment while travelling

Many of us look out of windows of our car or bus but are hardly present in the moment to observe our surroundings like trees, people and other elements of our daily life. Instead of making to-do lists, dedicate this time to be mindful and observe how it feels to travel along with other people, look at the trees and birds you meet in the way, and treat your eyes with scenic view if any.


Mindfulness during work

If you are someone who checks messages, pings, mails, talk with colleagues and do your work at the same time, there are chances you may not enjoy any of these activities completely. Dedicate few minutes to check your work mails and make sure to not do anything during this period. When you start your work, ask your colleague to meet you after an hour till you complete a chunk of your daily duties. When you are talking to your friend at work, you need not mix it with checking your phone or completing another task at work. These tips will ensure you stay mindful during work.


Mindfulness during evening

As you wrap up majority of your tasks for the day, you have every right to reward yourself with some mindfulness. Clear your table and sit at a tidy place with a cup of tea or a bowl of fruits. Do not keep a book with yourself or switch on the television. Reserve this time for a date with yourself. Enjoy every sip or every bite of your snack and observe the stillness around you. As you fill yourself with calm, you prepare yourself for a restful sleep later in the day.


Pause before your sleep

Don’t rush yourself into sleeping and wrapping up your day. Do not hit the pillow till you are sure your mind is distant from your daily thoughts and worries. Once you are prepared for a safe landing in the dream land, close your eyes, observe if the mind is uncluttered and go to sleep without worrying about the next day.