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Are you keen on stepping foot on the yoga mat and going beyond it as well? Then look no further, for a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh– best yoga school program is just what you need to join!

Yoga personified

A calm figure seated amidst a tranquil environment, delved deep in meditation or gracefully engrossed in trying out various asanas, is what one can imagine if yoga were a person. As in person, she also symbolises the fine balance, peace and harmony that she brings to every individual who embraces her in his life. She is not just a physical entity but more simply a way of life! Irrespective of who you or what you are , where you hail from , your strengths and weakness , yoga is non-judgmental and identifies you as a unique individual with a purpose. Himalayan Yoga Association’s residential yoga teachers training in Rishikesh – best yoga school program takes you beyond your yoga mat to discover, know and experience this fine personification of yoga . Join today to witness and know how!


Why a professional training in yoga is a better option?


100 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh india


If teaching yoga or starting a yoga studio is your main idea behind taking up a yoga course, then a professional training in yoga such as yoga teachers training in Rishikesh – best yoga school program should be your major goal since such program will offer:

  1. Detailed information about the course curriculum, with a more logical approach towards the subject in its entirety.
  2. Individualised attention as per the student’s requirements and capacity with personal feedback and precautions to avoid injury.
  1. Safety instructions to observe while teaching and practicing yoga.
  2. Updated information on the current trends and practices as demanded by the subject which is an essential aspect for a practicing yoga teacher in his profession.
  3. Life-long association with yoga community for continued learning and development in the professional scenario.
  4. Certification by a recognised international authority (Yoga Alliance) to validate your qualification worldwide and increase your credibility.

Why Rishikesh is a preferred option for a professional course on yoga?


The prevalence of the yogic culture , its history and birth, the simplicity of ashram life here , and the availability of the most renowned and competitive yoga schools in abundance right amidst the lap of nature are some of the motivators that lure the yogi practitioner to this valley of spirituals. Besides and beyond the yoga mat, there is much to unravel in Rishikesh in terms of ‘Self,’ and the ‘Divine’ and in turn establish their relation to each other. Hence , in spite of the other destinations in and around the world, Rishikesh remains the yogi’s favorite hub be it yesterday, today or tomorrow!

Defining the best yoga school


Rishikesh is a yogic destination where competition is at its peak when it comes to yogic education with each yoga school aiming towards a “10 on 10” in terms of its infrastructure, teaching, curriculum, facilities , campus and ambience, location, and other added advantages for students enrolling into their programs.

Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Yog Niketan, Rishikesh Yog Peeth and Himalayan Yoga Association are some of the elite names worth a mention whenever the best yoga school in Rishikesh is spoken of.

Defining the best yoga school can be a challenging task to be backed by a careful scrutiny, analysis and evaluation of the same. At the end of the day your personal goals and preferences define the best yoga school for you.  Here is a brief checklist for an idea of it :

  1. Teaching quality : are the experts experienced and qualified enough?
  2. Curriculum quality : is the curriculum comprehensive enough to cover the essentials of the subject?
  3. Program accreditation: is the yoga school authentic and certified by a known authority such as Yoga Alliance and not a scam?
  4. Student feedback and reviews: how far do the reviews go in terms of the student experience and other aspects?
  5. Batch size: is the batch size spacious enough to let in more of an attention-based learning?
  6. Facilities : what is the value addition to the course program on offer?
  7. Location: how convenient,peaceful and accessible is the location and suited for the course?

A yoga teachers training in Rishikesh – best yoga school program must abide by these above parameters to be called ‘best.’ Keeping the above factors in mind, Himalayan Yoga Association’s realistic yoga teachers training in Rishikesh – best yoga school program package has carefully incorporated these points and not missed the mark.  Recognised internationally by Yoga Alliance International, Himalayan Yoga Association can be regarded as an ocean of yogic wisdom, a treasure-house of knowledge on the ancient style of Hatha yoga and Ashtanga yoga and your friend,philosopher and guide through its yoga teachers training in Rishikesh- best yoga school initiative which includes 200 hour, 300 hour,and 500 hour yoga teacher training (multi-style) .

Himalayan Yoga Association not only offers you a course but an association as well to a diverse community of like-minded members to interact and belong to. Acquaint yourself to the yogic lifestyle- what yogis eat, what time they retire to bed and wake-up time, practice of regular yoga , pranayama and meditation and other such aspects that will keep you actively engaged and productive throughout your stay at the premises of the Himalayan Yoga family – a ‘home away from home.’ However , if you still wish to pursue your yogic journey from your home due to time or job constraints or other such personal circumstances, this yoga school also brings you certified , self-paced,online yoga training courses .

By the end of a yoga teachers training in Rishikesh-best yoga school course, you will have transitioned into a fine-tuned yogi , an optimist and a competent yoga professional ready to venture into the world of asanas, philosophy, spirituality and to teach the same to the world at large.


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