Student Review Diana Mehak Ji Himalayan Yoga Association

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Om Shanti, Everyone My name is Mehak and i am from Bombay this is my first time that i have been to Rishikesh and i I’m a 20 year old student and i have a lot of expectations from Himalayan Yoga Institute and thankfully the fulfilled ticked all the boxes which i had the place is amazing you words are not enough to tell like how beautiful this place is

you’ll have to come here to experience the bliss and the teachers of course they’ve helped does a lot they’ve taught us few basics of life which i think, i will continue with all those techniques after I go in Mumbai and about the place dude you’ve to come here the river here is amazing the food I expected the food to be little okey’s because I’m a kind of

person that does not like to eat out outside food a lot but my perspective towards this place changed because food for me is more important the most important so yeah obvious the food was really good and as far as now comes yoga into the spiritual I’ve learnt a lot truly like i used to perform i used I’m a yoga student since what 8 months but your i got

to know about the alignment i got to know about more correct postures how to how to breathe like isn’t it amazing and you’ll get to know most such you’ll get to learn most such amazing things once you come here so i urge you all to to pursue yog and to come here to experience the true nature of yog which people are talking about outside so Om Shanti, Thank you.

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