God, Nature and Human Being | Himalayan Yoga Association

By Himanshu JoshiYoga

Let us, in all humility, bow to the creator of this universe, without whose benevolence, there could not have been ant existence of any being, whether underground animals or insects, over-ground reptiles and animals, high soaring birds, vegetation on earth, water in the rivers, sunlight, various seasons, moonlight etc. Greatest creation of God is man who is part of the whole. God is perfect, invisible, omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.

His laws are eternal, his fiat irreversible, command unquestionable. He is the chief motivator, emancipator, creator, nurturer and annihilator. All human activities are attributed to Him and without his well, no movement can ever take place. In order to serve humanity, rather all living and inanimate objects, God created nature to meet earthly demands of all the beings. Nature, in her kindness, left no stone unturned to satiate various desires of human beings. But, alas! It is the man who continues to distort, defile and abuse nature, by his various misdeeds and indiscretions. We cannot behold God with our naked eyes, but can surely see nature whose kindness in the form of air, water, sunlight, moonlight, atmospheric cycles, vegetation, rivers and oceans, mountains is quite obviously visible.

Still man has not been able to unravel the mysteries of nature, despite claims to the contrary. Human efforts, in this respect, could suitably be compared to the fable of ‘An elephant and the blind persons’ – each one of them touching only one part of the animal and his description related to that organ only. Even if various descriptions given by the blind persons, is duly summed up and on the basis of totality of averments, a picture of the entity is sketched, it will give only an idea of the outer form of the animal and nothing else. There is a couplet in Sanskrit in which it is stated that if Goddess of learning (Saraswati) were to write about the qualities of God, by means of a pen made from the kalpa tree, and if earth is used as a paper, even then she won’t be able to describes the qualities of God.

Of all the creations on earth, man is the only creature who, though supreme and superior to all other living beings, never misses any opportunity to wreck indiscreet vengeance on nature. It is man himself who polluted air, water, foodstuffs and endangered the existence of livestock even. In return, mother nature does not get antagonised but, when the limit of her patience exhausts consequent upon man’s egoistic misdeeds, he is punished in the from of drought, water scarcity or floods, heavy rains, earthquakes, destruction of vegetations, diseases or even epidemics, sudden changes in climatic conditions.

The ravages brought by nature are too severe to be borne by man. Not only man but even poor animals also suffer, though for no fault of theirs. Due to the calamities, wrought by nature, even big regimes resign themselves into oblivion and become a part of history. This is how the process of extinction of the human race sets in, leading often to cataclysms. So, always avoid doing any harm to nature because, when she spells disaster, the results are too horrible to even imagine. It is always better to seek and pray for the kindness of Nature. Even the earthly mother reprimands her child when the child disobeys her or shows even a semblance of audacity. But, mother nature gives much more than our earthly mother, so why antagonise such a kindly mother!

We have poisoned the entire vegetable kingdom, by indiscreet and imprudent use of chemical manures, river waters have been toxified by various toxins, released into the rivers rivulets, and by the factories, and also by human faeces and garbage. Trees are being indiscriminately felled, green pastures turned into barren lands, even the innocent animals are being poached, air polluted by poisonous gases emitted by factories, vehicles, desert continues to advance due to deforestation, concrete jungles have arrested entry of fresh and pure air and light, giving way to artificial means. Our resistance to withstand the spill-over, due to said factors, is causing much dreaded diseases and other health hazards.

Official machinery is callous and indifferent as usual, it will take perhaps centuries to awaken them from such a slumber. N.G.Os are helpless for want of funds and the poor man in the street is like a helpless spectator, who is bewildered by the unfortunate chain of events, is awaiting his death-knell.

Then, the question arises: what’s disease? Simple and straight answer is; that only physical disorders suffered by the body, due to deliberate acts of omission and commission permeate into a disease – The state of being not well (Aswastha). Or, alternatively, we can say that any sin committed against laws if nature reflects itself in the form of a diseased state. It is ultimately the body that is subjected to suffering, even though it is neither at fault nor should it be blamed for any wrong act. Body is simply a carrier of the mind’s orders. When the mind is diseased, the body has to suffer identical consequences. Mind is like a bridled horse, under whom

All the senses of organs operate, but an unbridled horse can always cause wayward movement of senses, when intellect fails to exert any control over it. Final equation would be described like this – Discriminative faculty must control and monitor activities of mind so that the sense organs do not cause any harm to our body. This is like a chariot, driven by horses and rider is the mind whose actions are controlled by intellect. The Bhagavad Gita has drawn the said simile. Intellect, mind, body and desires are the foursome entities which help the body to discharge its various functions.

It is therefore necessary to know how the human body functions, and which are the different systems that help it to discharge its functions normally. There is hardly any chance or fear of any disease but, when reversed in the case, the body is bound to suffer the consequences and the brunt of diseases. Human body is such a perfect mechanism that it can withstand marginal upsets without impending normal functioning but, when repeatedly abused and strained, it sends out warning signals. If warning signals are ignored and neglected, the disordered state will naturally ensue. The last situation, if and when still ignored, is sufficient to wreak havoc on the body, thereby adversely affecting mental health also. An ailing body cannot and must not be expected to take care of the mentor still precisely mental health.

As family is rightly called an eternal home of civic virtues,so is the body an abode of all our physical activities. Desires, when unbridled, swayed and misguided, will naturally run amok and thus lead to countless disasters. So, fortify and aid the mind with masterly control of intellect, so that desires are contained properly and are not allowed to have their way. Our body has an in-built defence mechanism which takes care of our various body functions but, if it is subjected to undue and frequent stress and strain, it is bound to wilt under pressure, resulting in onset of host of diseased states.