Everything you need to know about Human Skeleton System

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The entire bony frame of the human body is called the skeleton which consists of brain, head, spinal cord, bones, tendons, sheaths, cartilages which support and aid in the mobility of different bones, totaling 206 bones. The spinal cord consists of the following vertebrae consisting of. (i) 7 neck bones, 12 upper back and mid-back bones (ii) and 5 low back, including sacrum and tail-bones. All are interconnected, supporting each other. Without the spine the body cannot stand erect, nor can it perform any function nor can it outstretch or bend. The seven neck bones are called cervical vertebrae, 12 bones in the chest are called thoracic vertebrae, 5 bones in the low back are called lumbar vertebrae, and the sacrum, which is a triangular block of bones placed on […]

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