Explain the technique of Nadi Sodhna Pranayama with its benefits.

By Yoganadi sodhna

Nadi sodhna is a breathing technique that meant for channel purification, clear blocked energy channel thus calm the mind. It also known as alternate nostril breathing. The main benefit for nadi sodhna is that it infuses the body with oxygen, reduces stress and anxiety, calm and rejuvenates the nervous system, balances both nadis and helps to balance hormone. It relaxes the mind to enter meditation. To perform naadi sodhna pranayama, we sit  comfortably and place the left hand on the knee with chin mudra. As for the right hand, we can use nasagra mudra or Vishnu mudra. Where the index and middle finger are lightly press in between eyebrows. And the ring and thumb on the left and right nostril respectively. The duration of the inhalation and exhalation is controlled. […]

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