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We all want to make the world a better place for our children. We want them to have better experiences and interactions so that they grow up to become peace-loving and humane individuals. Yet, when we look at our own environment, the scenario is far from being ideal. With intolerance, hatred, and lack of empathy growing all around us, across the country and the world, peace seems to be a far-fetched word.

This seems to be in contradiction with our basic nature which is primarily made up of love, compassion, and care. If we dig deeper we would understand that this is what our soul craves at the end of the day and not the negative emotions that at times surround us and stop us from spreading positivity.

The layers of these negative emotions are formed when one goes through traumatic experiences like violence, aggression, rejection, hatred, etc. We fail to see beyond these layers at the true nature of the soul and suffer endlessly.

Meditation has the power to end this suffering as it works on the inner self like a seasoned surgeon and removes the negative emotions bit by bit so that one becomes what one is always supposed to be – a loving, nurturing, and caring individual.

Meditation can transform even the most hardened criminals and it is possible to replace the aggression, violence, and hatred in them with compassion and love.

The inner wounds that have been the cause of suffering can be healed and the scars can be removed. The transformation of even one person can go a long way in creating a positive environment across the world. Taking one step at a time, the world can move towards a better, peaceful place and the dream of global peace can come true.

The world is in the dire need of positivity today and meditation can help achieve it to a great extent. The border conflicts, disease outbreaks, and growing restlessness in people are all contributing to the negativity that surrounds us. To come out of this vicious cycle, to make the world loveable again, we need to look deep inside us and realize what we really need.

In the world today, most of the ailments have their roots in stress. It accumulates when one is unable to process difficult emotions and store them in body and mind. Yoga and Meditation have various asanas that can release pent-up stress and painful emotions and make us physically and mentally healthy. As meditation is a soul-searching inward journey, it brings to the fore the reasons for stress. Once we find the solutions to the problem and take corrective steps, we find ourselves transformed.

Over the years, the Himalayan Yoga Association has been running learning programs to help people follow the path of yoga in the most comprehensive way involving all aspects of the ancient Indian discipline. Through its various courses at the main Yoga Centre in Rishikesh, thousands of people from around the world have gained health and overcome mental limitations.

At the Centre’s Yoga school in Bali, seekers have joined the scientifically-designed courses to find the main purpose of their life.

In a bid to further expand the scope of sharing the knowledge of Yoga and meditation, the Association is in the process to set up a Himalayan Dhyan Mandir in Rishikesh, the World’s yoga capital and has already purchased land for construction.

The Himalayan Dhyan Mandir would offer meditation techniques of varying duration and intensity to make the inward journey most rewarding. In the lap of nature on the banks of the Holy Ganges, the Centre is envisaged to be the most preferred destination for healing the mind.

Nature being the ultimate healer adds to the benefits of meditation and Rishikesh with its natural serene surroundings is the ideal place for connecting with the inner self.

Blessed by the Divine grace to carry on the spiritual work, all the initiatives in this direction are just initial milestones in the long journey. Taking one step at a time, meditation needs to be spread in every corner of the world. We aim to build this at a fast pace so that people start reaping its benefits as early as possible.

Even the smallest contribution of yours will bring smiles on millions of faces in the Meditation Centre’s long life and leave a legacy of benevolence for generations to come. Though a small drop in the ocean, the proposed project will make all-out efforts to contribute its bit towards world peace, brotherhood, and happiness.

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