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Namaste to everyone i am yogi Himanshu founder of Himalayan Yoga Association in Rishikesh and i welcome you all in our beautiful himalayan yoga association family so our ashram our school retreat center is riverside it is located next to the river completely

surrounded by mountains it is lustful green there are waterfalls around nearby our campus and we have very beautiful campus and we have a great teachers team so we are running yoga retreats for a long time

we have quite experience we are offering three days yoga retreat four days seven days ten days we also do customize retreats for example if somebody wants to do for five days somebody wants to do for six days so we can arrange it and

we can manage it and that way in retreat we offer morning yoga class in which we do pranayama cleansing practice breathing practice detoxification practice physically as well as mentally we have asanas so we practice hatha vinyasa flow

and then we go for breakfast after breakfast we keep afternoon free for student so that they can go to the nearby places around our school so we have lot of places to visit nearby school then at one we do our lunch after lunch we give two hours free to our students

so that they can walk they can rest little bit then around four we do awesome practice it’s one and a half awesome practice then after that we do practice meditation so we end our day with calming and you know making our mind completely peaceful

becoming present and understanding the life so thereafter we do dinner after dinner two or three hours we take break so student can walk in the campus they can have tea and afterward around 10 we turn off the lights

and we complete our day so that’s the schedule of yoga retreat participants in our beautiful retreat center we have beautiful teacher dream very experienced a great management team and a great kitchen team a beautiful campus

we do also provide our weather services so if you want to have massage if you want to know more about Ayurveda you can also learn it from our place from us

so that’s all about our retreat program so if you are interested in joining retreat in rishikesh if you want transforming experience at the same time relaxing environment learning more about you know how this body function mind and breath

about oneself and living with like-minded people then this is absolutely a place for you so thank you so much for listening us if you ever make plan to come rishikesh for yoga retreat consider

himalayan yoga association and we will be very very grateful to welcome you in our beautiful yoga family namaste.

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