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There are times when we need a vacation badly, but do not know what kind of a holiday will refresh and de-stress us. Holidays also need elaborate planning at times which can be exhausting. Going on a Yoga retreat is ideal when the idea is to rejuvenate and relax instead of doing a series of tiring activities that may not serve the actual purpose.

Yoga retreats are generally meticulously planned which takes away a big amount of worry. It is important to choose the right yoga retreat. Himalayan Yoga Association (HYA) offers a variety of yoga retreat options if you are planning a short holiday – 3 days and 4 nights yoga retreat, 4 days and 5 nights yoga retreat, and 6 Days yoga and trekking retreat at very affordable prices.



So what can you expect from HYA’s yoga retreats? Relaxation, de-stressing, yoga, pranayama, fun activities, sight-seeing and more are promised in the above-mentioned duration. Situated at a scenic location of Rishikesh, around 8 km away from the city crowd, our centre exudes a calm vibe that would transport you to a different world.

A typical day here starts early in the morning at 6 am with Pranayama & Shatkarma, and Hatha and Vinyasa flow. The yoga and meditation sessions are also customized depending on the individual needs. Various stress-releasing exercises, tips to lead a healthy life, introducing yoga for a healthy living and more such activities are designed by our highly qualified teachers for those who want to find a fresh meaning to life or those who want to press the restart button by bringing down their stress levels.

The evening time is generally for Ashtanga yoga and meditation to give a perfect end to your day at our retreat.


Here are some of the yoga retreats we offer 👇


3 days and 4 nights yoga retreat In Rishikesh (Himalayan Yoga Association) – View Details

Short, sweet, and very effective, our 3 days and 4 nights yoga retreat packs in all that you can imagine and more. A fine mix of asanas, pranayamas, meditation, de-stressing workshops to fun activities, there is a bit of everything to make sure you come back home with recharged energy levels. In order to take this retreat, you must arrive at the ashram a day before and it wraps up on the third day by evening while the departure is on the 4th day before 12:00 pm in the afternoon.


4 days and 5 nights yoga retreat In Rishikesh (Himalayan Yoga Association) – View Details

If you have less than a week’s time to wrap up your vacation, you could do a lot in this retreat option. If the objective is learning the art of yoga apart from relaxing and rejuvenating, you can achieve it with the help of our knowledgeable experts who would give you a sneak peek into the different types of yoga and their application in practical life.

For this retreat, you have to arrive at the ashrama day before the start of the program. Your retreat wraps up on the 4th day by evening and departure time is by 5th day before 12:00 PM.



Sometimes, a yoga retreat could transform life by bringing about a change in outlook. One must go for it if leading an enriched and stressful life is what you aim for.