Why should practice Yoga?

By Yoga

Hatha yoga says that all young, old or too old, patients, weak persons can be learn and practice yoga. That means anybody can practice yoga after the age of seven. There is no restriction of caste, creed, religion, cult or country. It is open for all. The only rule is that should be practiced daily as a routine and be a part of your lifestyle. The basic lessons in yoga should be learnt, in the beginning, from an expert yoga teacher. Remember, yoga teacher, yoga therapist and a yoga instructor are three different persons.

Time, Place and Direction
The best time to practice yoga is at sunrise. The practice after bathing yields better results as the circulation of the body increases after bath. While practicing one should preferably face the east and the place should have good ventilation. It should be free from mosquitoes and foul odors. The atmosphere conditions should be suitable. Too cold or warm weather should be avoided.
The sadhak should practice yoga in a relaxed manner, with deep faith (shraddha) and devotion (bhakti). He should pay attention to different sensations arising during the practice and analyze them on the basis of the scientific information provided in this book. It will help him to progress on the spiritual path.