Yog Nidra

By spiritual, Yoga,

Yog or yoga- union (union with true self) Nidra- Sleep (sleep of union with self) Therefore aim of yoga nidra practice is to bring it’s practitioner closer to “True self” – blissful- illuminating conscious state of the self. Q- Difference between in state of yoga nidra& state of meditation ? Ans- Yoga nidra is state of mind, through sincere or continuous practice of yoga nidra practitioner can up-lift his state of mind to fully conscious state of mind but not to the state of meditation unless he/ she has already realised or been to the state of meditation. State of meditation is state of self-realization, It is not the state of mind, it is state of self “illuminating self”, realization of universal consciousness, universal self, freedom from the cycle of life […]

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