Karna (Ear Pressure Posture)

By Yoga Asana

In Sanskrit “Karna” means “Ear”, “Pida” means “pressure”, “Asana” means “Posture”.  The English name of this asana is “Ear Pressure Posture”. It is also known as “Knee-to-ear pose”.   Position : Supine Type : Inversion Spiritual Awareness : Vishuddhi and Manipurs chakras Physical Awareness : Neck, ling, shoulders, vertebral column Dosha Suitability : Kapha Introducery Asanas : Sarvangasana, Setu Bandha Asana   Procedure: From Halasana, exhale, bend the knees and place them next to the ears. If possible keep the hands interlaced on the floor behind the back, if not support your back as in salamba sarvangasana (supported shoulder stand) whichever way you choose, be sure not to hurt the spine. You can keep the palms flat, fingers interlaced, or hug your legs with the knees next to the ears. […]

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