Explain Yogic Breathing with its Benefits.

By Yogayogic breathing

Yogic breathing involves all 3 sections which is the abdomen, chest and clavicular region of our body. It maximises the inhalation and exhalation. Before we do yogic breathing, we must understand the clavicular breathing, thoracic breathing and also the abdominal breathing. As we inhale shallowly into the upper chest, and as our shoulder and collar bone slightly raise up, this is the clavicular breathing. It is usually combines with thoracic breathing and this often take place in a stressful situation like physical exertion or obstruction of airway problems like asthma. The upper ribs and collar bones are pulled upward by the sternum and neck as it allows more air into the lungs. It is for awareness creation in yoga if it is practice alone and a part of yogic breathing […]

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