Yoga Mudra, How to use and Benefits

By Yoga Asanayoga mudra, yoga mudra benefits

Yoga Mudra, How to use and Benefits Detach yourself from the chaos of life. Relax and unwind as you discover your true self from within. Feel empowered. Tap your inner wisdom.Let enlightenment surround you. Find peace within. The term mudra is used to denote a “gesture” , “mark” or “seal.” When we practice these symbolic gestures with our hands and fingers, it is known as ‘ yoga mudra.’ These mudras ease the energy flow in the body and you feel your journey within to be enhanced. So explore these mudras as you go step by step while adding a new edge to your practice when you meditate or perform pranayama. How Yoga Mudras Work   The hands have different areas which are connected to other areas in the brain and […]

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