Parivrta Janu Sirshasana (“Twisted Head-to-knee pose”)

By Yoga AsanaParivrta Janu Sirshasana, Twisted Head-to-knee pose

In Sanskrit “Parivrta” means “Twisted”,”Janu” means “Knee” and “Sirsha” means “Head”,  The English name of the asana is “Twisted Head-to-knee pose”.   Position : Sitting Type : Twisting Spiritual Awareness : Manipura chakra Physical Awareness : Twist and stretch of the body. Dosha Suitability : Pita Introducery Asanas : Vrikshasana, Janu Sirsasana, Supta Padangusthasana   Procedure: Sit with the legs about a metre apart. Bend the right knee and place the heel against the perineum. Exhale, bend forward, inclining the body to the left to hold the left foot with the left hand. The fingers should be in contact with the arch of the foot and the thumb should be on top. Place the elbow on the floor on the inside of the straight leg. Inale. Move the left shoulder […]

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