Thyroid Gland & Para- Thyroid Gland

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The thyroid is next only to the pituitary gland in order of supremacy. It is a red-colored gland, situated at the backside of the throat, bilaterally divided. It is directly related to our digestive system and helps to convert food into flesh, blood, marrow, bones, and semen. It is also related to reproductive organs so as to guide the sexual desire towards enjoyment, to keep genitals in proper condition, and to regulate menstrual periods. It also affects the regulation of micturition (storage and flow), oxygen, and expulsion of carbon dioxide gas. It provides sustainable energy to body organs by supplying necessary secretion in order to regulate respiration, maintains the proper balance of calcium, iodine, and cholesterol so that bones grow properly wounds heal quickly, and blood flow is also normal. […]

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