Social Impact & Psychological Upsets

By Yogabody, health, human body, social health

Social Impact and Psychological Upsets None of us can be a social-recluse, as it is the men who constitute a society. Society has no existence independent of men. Further, man constituted society for his own benefit and use not vice versa. Society furnishes image of men, their status, eating and living patterns, professions and customs. But the society, which was formed for the benefit of man, causes problems to an individual, he either buckles under its weight of customs and traditions or revolts. When we submit, we have to compromise with our conviction, conscience, principle of life and suffer even loss of image, reputation and status. This abject submission, or we may call it a compromise, gives vent to self-brooding, self mortification, social seclusion and a feeling of being let […]

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