Five Inversion Postures from the Ashtanga- Vinyasa Series with Technique

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  1. Shirshasana – Shirshasana has 13 vinyasas. To perform this sit on your knees as you do puraka and then put your elbows on the ground in front of you making sure the elbows are roughly shoulder-distance apart. Then interlock your fingers together. Then after doing rechaka and puraka put the crown of your head in front of your palms. The palms should provide a cushion for the back of your head. Then do rechaka and puraka again as you straighten and start lifting your feet. The Feet should be together. Slowly, lift your feet off the ground by taking the support of your upper body and shoulders. Make sure your spine is straight as you lift your feet up and keep your toes pointing upwards. Continue doing rechaka […]

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