Yoga Nidra | Yogic sleeping (Shavasana)

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Yoga Nidra | Yogic sleeping (Shavasana)   Q- What is the difference between in the state of yoga nidra & the state of meditation ? Ans- Yoga nidra (Shavasana) is the blissful state of relaxation where one brings un-conscious mind into sub-conscious state of mind & the state of meditation is state of realization, realization about the reality of the whole universe. In the state of yoga nidra (Shavasana) due to awareness or alertness one is unaffected from any negative thought but awareness of the body, mind, prana is there. In the state of meditation consciousness becomes universe consciousness, one dissolves into the universal consciousness, egoist identity is broken and human being rests in his unmodified true nature. Important points- Practice of yoga nidra (Shavasana) brings awareness, alertness, relaxation in the body & […]

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