What is Shatkarma? 6 Types of Shatkarma.

By Yogashatkarma

Shatkarma is a set of yogic purifications of the body. It is a part of yoga sadhanas / practice. Their purpose is to remove impurities/ toxins accumulated in the body and are clinical in nature. It cure diseases and prepare the body for asanas and pranayama.   Types of Shatkarma Neti . This is nasal passage cleansing using neti pot with salt lukewarm water. Dhauti. This is cleansing of the digestive tract Basti. This is colon cleansing Trataka. This is gazing practice. We focus on a fixed single point or a candle light flame. Nauli. This is self administered abdominal massage. The core rotates internally by moving the abdominal muscle alternately in a close wise and counter clockwise direction. Kapalabhati. This is a pranayama which means skull shining. The inhalation […]

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